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The Dark Rising will release maybe today or next week. I'm working on the film right now.

Does anyone have a ROBLOX Account?

Do you want to be a moderator?
Well heres a post that shows you how to become a BSP 20 Clan Moderator:

Why do you want to be moderator?
What will you do to the group as a moderator?
Are you a fan of Bentinez? (Yes, no or maybe?)
Are you getting excited after you signed up?
Are you sure to listen to the owner(s)?
Will you make an idea to make this group active? If yes then how?

Thank you for signing up!

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Believe that half life 3 or half life 2 episode 3 is coming or not? pick a choice
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I dont even know..
I dont even know..

Hello there members! Welcome to the roleplay category. You should have been excited for this one. Here are some roleplay rules you need to follow!
1. You can make a roleplay based on games, books and series'

2. You can make your own roleplay, characters and stories here

3. Moderators can join members roleplays

4. Co-owner can't join other members roleplays (except for moderators)

5. Joke roleplays are not allowed

6. Sexual roleplays are not allowed

7. Bad words are not allowed in all roleplays

8. If owner makes roleplay only moderators can join owner or co-owner's roleplay members are not allowed

9. Roleplays based on real stories or life of the other members here are not allowed.

Whoever break these rules will get kicked.

+Charlie venables how about you could invite some bitstrippers i am/we are friends with that are around here in Google+ to this group?

We just do random stuff here :P

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