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How to Meet and Date Flight Attendant
Flight attendants are very attractive men and women. It is easy to fall for one of them, but at the same time, it is hard to turn down their defenses. Their line of work sets them in an environment in which they receive proposals every day.
People flirt with them, and as they serve people, some may think they are flirting when they are only being kind. They have seen it all when it comes to conquer attempts. So, the question remains in the air, how to meet and date flight attendant (male, female)? We know how. Keep on reading to get all the details!

Outstand from the Crowd
First of all, you must know that the classical attempts are not an option. They have seen it all, and they are immune to all of them. You have to outstand from the crowd by being original. With our tips, you will learn a few tricks.

Remember the Basics
Despite you are moving forward differently, remember the basics. Always smile and make good eye contact. They are trained to do both, so you will find it easy to follow. As you do it, look for a connection beyond their job, and you will succeed!

Appreciate their Work
If you are looking to meet and date a flight attendant, you should appreciate their work. In the end, they are trained to serve others while they are flying. Some passengers show off, or even act arrogantly as they are served. This is the wrong way to go. You have to show genuine appreciation for their performance, and never judge what they do for living.

Respect their Time
Do not try to share any experience while the flight attendant is busy. When they are on a crowded flight, they have a lot to address. Let him do his job. Let her finish all her duties. That is a great way to show you care. If you want to create a bond, this is important for them. Once things calm down, share something casually.

Be Discrete
You want your target a flight attendant to know you are interested, not the whole crew. Be discrete as you ask him or her out. There is nothing wrong on asking for a date. Don’t rush it. Just do it in the right moment and discretely.
After sharing small talk on the flight, a good tactic is to give the flight attendant your information instead of asking for his or hers. Writing it on a piece of paper or a napkin is a good way to go. You should highlight the fact that you would love to know him or her outside the working environment. You may suggest something to do to fuel interest on you. If you did everything else right, the flight attendant will be calling you in no time.

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hai frnds i need a help any one working in airline here

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