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Welcome to my new community meant to be one of the many Modern Day Nat RP's.
1.Must have a Profile to RP
2.Things must be somewhat realistic,if it's ahistorical you must have a history section stating why it's ahistorical/changed from Modern Day.
3.No profile template,but I'll judge if it's enough
4. Countries can't be too OP unless they should be OP.
5.Germany can't go Facist,just like Russia can't go Communist again.
6.The RP will begin once 4 nations are done and approved.
7.Everyone will start neutral to all,screw current modern day relations,everyone is neutral.

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Republic of Eastasia

Anthem: March of the Volunteers

Capital: Beijing
Largest City: Shanghai

Official Languages:

Ethnic groups:
By race:
75% Han Chinese
11% Mongolian
14% Others
75% various Chinese groups (Mandarins,Hokkiens,Teocheows,Hainanese,etc.)
13% Mongolian / Turkic / Altaic
11% Unspecified


One party state

Executive Branch
• President Xi Jinping


• Total:
• Water:
• Land:

• 2017 Estimate: 326,156,909

2017 estimate
• Total
• Per Capita

Real GPD Growth: 1.9% (Although that might change soon)

Active Personnel: ~2,100,000
Reserve Personnel:1,100,000

China, Mongolia




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Indonesia starts on construction of homes to house the poor and homeless. Many transfers of the population are being done to reduce the density of a city or an island and increase the amount of population in another island. Millions of funds are being used to install electric grids and internet connection in Kalimantan and Papua. Also homes are being built in Papua and Kalimantan to house more people

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Germany as a nation of renting makes more apartments and flats to house many of its citizens. Meanwhile looking at the national charts of poverty they decided after seeing 15 million people are counted as poor/homeless Germany starts on building more flats, apartments that are cheap enough so they can stay there. Many of the poor cities will have major high funds to refine the city. About billion of dollars are spent to reduce poverty in the nation. Not trying to go plan Holocaust Germany continues on expanding cities and expanding their economy chains to reduce poverty greatly

Vladimir Putin reforms the KGB,with him as head of it
The Spetznaz Special Forces are sent into Syria to evacuate civilians and fight ISIS combatants

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Donald Trump travel ban reaches the supreme court. The vote is 5-4 n favor of the travel ban on Syria,Yemen, Libya, Iran, Sudan and Somalia. It is believed that once Isis is defeated from Syria and that the Syrian civil war is over the travel ban will be lifted from there. Trump has reassured the nation (or at least attempted to) by saying the ban will be lifted once they can properly vet.

Trump also threatens to pull out of the Paris climate agreement unless amendments are made, most specifically enforcement against nations like China and India along with the wealth redistribution scheme.

Trump also looks towards defeating ISIS. He sends General Mattis to negotiate with Syria, Russia, the Kurdish rebels and Iraq. Trump tells the public that he believes ISIS is a far greater threat than Syria since ISIS is world wide while Assad is only in Syria.

(I can't tag Vladimir)

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Alright,we can now start the RP,might attract more people once it's started
The Russian Armed Forces march into Chechnya and Georgia,annexing the countries under the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin seeks to open a communicative line between Berlin and Moscow to help prevent a European war
He also begins preparation for a Russian intervention against North Korea
The Russians continue to support Assad in Syria against ISIS,with Russian nuclear weapons being poised to be used against ISIS positions
Russian ground forces would be seen by American marines in the thousands landing in Syria via airplane,they begin setting up defensive positions against ISIS,with Tanks,AFV and Fighter/Multirole jets being sent over in the hundreds,prepared to perform a massive offensive towards the capital of all of ISIS' operations
The Russian Commanders ignore any American troops trying to move Russian forces,but accept American aid against the terrorists

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Official Name: The Federal Republic of Germany

Name: Germany

Motto: "Einigkeit under Recht und Freiheit" , Unity and Justice and Freedom

Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic

-President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
-Chancellor Angela Merkel

Territory: Germany and The Netherlands

Population: 98,350,000

Capital: Berlin

Religion: Roman Catholicism, Christian, Non religious

Language: Germany

Alligment: Neutral

Land Area: 398,919 km²

Armed troops: 233,000 177,200
Land armaments:
-6,848 AFV
-543 tanks
-172 SPG
-0 Towed Artillery
-50 MLRS

-12 Frigates
-4 destroyers
-10 submarines
-5 Corvettes
-8 Coastal Defence Craft
-19 Mine Warfare
-0 Carriers

-864 Total Aircraft
-153 Fighters/Interceptors
-235 Fixed Wing Attack Aircraft
-390 Transport Aircraft
-70 Trainer Aircraft
-349 Helicopter
-65 Attack Helicopter

Economy: Farming, Mining, Fishing, Agriculture, Factory industry, industrial movement, trading

Currency: Euro

GDP: 3695.22 Billion USD

GDP per capita: 96528.57 USD

Military Budget: 52,8 Billion USD

Allies: Greece, France, Italy, Russia

Enemy: -

Info: In 1813 the prussian empire attacked and successfully annexed the dutches. Many years later ww2 the defeat of Nazi Germany and so on
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Official Name: The Unified Republic of Indonesia

Name: The Republic of Indonesia or RI or Indonesia

Motto: "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" , Unify in Diversity

Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

-President Joko Widodo
-Vice Jusuf Kalla

Territory: Indonesia

Population: 263,500,000

Capital: Jakarta

Religion: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhist, Chatolic, Christianity.

Alligment: ASEAN, neutral

Armed troops: 476,000 active , 400,000 reserved

Land armaments:
-418 Tanks
-1,089 AFV
-37 SPG
-80 Towed Artillery
-86 MLRS

-221 Naval Strength
-7 Frigates
-24 Corvette
-4 Submarines
-47 Coastal Defence Craft
-0 Carriers
-0 Destroyers
-12 Mine Warfare

-441 Total Aircraft
-39 Fighters/Interceptors
-58 Fixed Wing Attack Aircraft
-170 Transport Aircraft
-111 Trainer Aircraft
-147 Helicopter
-5 Attack Helicopter

Economy: Farming, Mining, Fishing, Agriculture, Factory industry, industrial movement, trading

Currency: Rupiah

GDP: 862 Billion USD

GDP per capita: 3,346.49 USD

Military budget: 8,05 Billion USD

History: Independent, diplomatic

Allies: Russia, Korea, Japan, ASEAN members

Enemy: -
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