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Likes: "well I like flowers, being with friends,....umm animals,candy and fashion"
Dislikes: "oh I dislike being captured,hurt,rude ppl,ppl bullying and sour things
Pets: "ok umm let's see I have a pet dog, Jinger,cat,Daffodils, bird, tweets, wolf,Howler and two dragons Macbeth and Lily"
"I never hurt ppl unless I have too"
Species: "Angel of course"
Personality: "I'm kind, quiet, sweet, and tough only when I need to, curious and funny"
"My eyes can change color think. I that's it -ummm well bye"

I'm asleep in a tree outside. My hair covers my face. I startle awake and fell out the tree and on you,on a accident. I got up and said,
"I a-am very sorry M-"
I was cut off by you because......... (I'm my oc Amanda and rp)

Super bored anyone want to rp?

I sit behind the school, smoking a cigarette and humming a tune This is the life! toasts to the sky with my flask and drinks a few sips

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Loves:people, animals, open minded children
Hates:perves, getting cat called on
Pets: a cat named banshee
Never been to jail
Species: Demon
Personality:Rude when you first meet her, sweet when you get to know her, just dont piss her off
Mostly friend. Just dont anger her


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Name Dante Jr

Nick name Devil May Cry

Age 18

Gender Male

Likes Music, Friends, girls, party's, his little cousin Emily

Family Dante is the father, Kat is the mother

Dislikes his uncle Virgil, being called a monster, being bored

Bio As a kid he looked up to his old man and wanted to be just like him. And as he grew up he trained with his father and soon he was given his father's rebellion and his father's pistols. So he took the role of the next Devil May Cry. And now he protects both angels and demons and will fight if it's necessary.
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