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Fontio 4.0 Released - tons of fixes [Updates rolling out]

- Laggy scroll for low end devices
- Confusing UI of font configurator (for premium users)
- layout for font store
- Downloading previews for all devices
- Some compiling tweaks
- new icon (better one)
- premium users can build from font store itself
- choosing fonts from storage will show folders only where there are ttf or otf file

No new features added but this version has only squashed bugs and adds New UI

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*Windows version on it's way*
Wrapped allo as an electron app. I use safari so couldn't make it work without chrome.

Released only for Mac

Over all is good but Why font not change on my google chrome or browser??
NB: i use custome rom RR Based android 7.1.2

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New Font Configurator layout !! 😬

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I'm really having trouble figuring out how to get this app working! Selecting a font from storage works just fine, but picking one from the "font store" is just beyond me. Really unintuitive! Drag and drop a font... and then what?

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Thinking of designing font store with this animation. What do y'all think ?

[Link from uplabs] -
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Today I install fresh fontio and I got this, why I can't enable font caching and how this configurator work?

So I've got the premium version of Fontio and I can't figure out how to make a theme from some fonts I have on my phone, I am not able to select them by tapping regular/bold/italic or any of those options. Help would be appreciated I'm not sure how to load the fonts on the app to make a theme.

Fontio still crashing for me.
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