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Name:Diana Anderson
Born Faction:Amity
Test Results:Divergent/Dauntless
Rank:1st Place
Fears:Needles and close in spaces
Flaw:She speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in which gets her in trouble sometimes.
Bio:She has three older brothers. When she was five her parents went missing. So her eldest brother took care of them until it was his turn to take the test. She knew she was different. When she took the test she found out she was divergent. The next day her siblings and her found out her parents where killed because they were divergent. She never told anyone since.

How many profiles can I have?

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(I saw an Isaac profile before but I think they deleted so is it okay if I can be this character? Tell me if I'm wrong, I'll make a new one. :D ) 

Name: Issac
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Likes: Gus, Hazel, video games
Dislikes: Monica, being blind.
Cancer: Not stated, but he lost both his eyes.
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