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"Darkened Serum"...

Antidote potion serum's best
remedy for heartbreak longing quest
pain and sorrow seems not to gain
still the quiet rest just lingering pain.......

Every moment filled with a love
although past yet present thinking of
the days of grandeur in heart and mind
something from smile not easy to find.......

For future's shadow on days gone by
reach for angels who sing and cry
out the melodies of that special song
now where the chimes of heaven belong?

All emptiness rides the perils of time
this lonely cloud of frown sublime
though wishes flow in fervent desire
her happiness above my constant fire.......

That burn the passion of grieving rain
which pours the crazy devout insane
where sunlight gleams yet realities halt
always seeking where I am at fault.......

For doing or not some key openness
that might have relieved an unneeded stress
to ponder what was and could have been better
a magic spell to have keepen' us together.......

To find, to lose to imagine the dreams
between then and now is different than it seems
when living the present in constant remiss
and sensing the now and the missing kiss.......

Which thunder beyond that brings overcast
a wanton of sorts more than one hast
need for part of the world joy embark
oh away with the weather of the shadows' dark.......



© 2016 Kenneth Guimond
International Copyright Secured



© 2008 Kenneth Guimond
International Copyright Secured

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“The Years of Tomorrow” 

..........[ Oh Valentine ].........

Sure, you moved on how I much realize 
 How could I not see this treasured lost prize? 
 Yet eyes shine bright and sparkle with glee 
 As the smile of the “Everluv Gurle” is always with me……. 

As young as you are you taught me to find 
 That real heart in me and why love is blind 
 To gaze into clouds and see above light 
 And breathe scents of flowers and kiss through the night…… 

Awaken my grace so deep inside me 
 This wandering spirit that could just be 
 Only with you to flourish and feed 
 On rivers and rainbows to fulfill every need……. 

I thank you with gladness that through fate we met 
 Through you the world opened a melody duette 
 Of laughter and smiles and meaningful tears 
 These feelings of forever to last all the years……. 

Of tomorrow they supposed to rest on a dream 
 No matter the challenge the brightness would gleam 
 As I felt always strength in your undying care 
 I was certain your whisper would always be there……. 

On the pillow each dawn a tender embrace 
 So sacred our promise to touch God’s face 
 We gave to each other of pure destiny 
 These branches and vines to reach eternity……. 

Together we glanced into each and every day 
 As we knew one being and for it we pray 
 To sense the depth of true oneness 
 And to seek the favour and that He would bless……. 

This holy vow that is always to keep 
 Through storms and tides this promise never sleep 
 Though change sometimes grows and leaves may turn 
 Now empty this season and only to yearn……. 

In this yearstime of sadness it lengthens in sorrow 
 Just small glistenings of joy in every t’morrow 
 Accepting the sentence that came to my way 
 Still happiness for you is all that I pray……. 

As seeds were planted and soared to the sky
 Not stopping for anything, but just to fly 
 With angels in song and honey so sweet 
 Just always a soft cloud and a memory to greet……. 

How could one forget the tenderness’ home (?) 
 Where begotten the affinity of overhead bless’d dome 
 Betrothed, yes, the pardon and ease to its flee 
 No more is this hope nor for you to see……. 

I ask but a good deed from you to enact 
 Forget not the splendor of this onetime pact 
 Please, please forgive me for all that I do 
 Just try to understand that I will never stop loving you……. 

Well, now all is past as some would say 
 Yet the essence of love is here to stay 
 Not with me in this place, yet understand and try 
 To remember the psalm, a soul can never die……. 

Yes, alone will I stay in the passions of ours 
 Although the drab colours of once thriving flowers 
 So very deepfelt is this “everluv” pain 
 All I ask you just feel the heart of…….”~Rain”~…….

[ You have taken everything else away from me. At least, let me love you. It's all I have left. I wish you well. I always believed in you. I still believe in you. I will always believe in you.......]



© 2016 Kenneth Guimond
 International Copyright Secured




~ at the Flower Gardens of Dushanbe Tea House ~

.......Boulder, Colorado.......

[ natural fotographia ]


© 2012 Kenneth Guimond
 International Copyright Secured


"On a beautiful day there was a garden as a part of a very ethnic and cultured tea house. Many images ha come to mind. The simplicity of this one flower caught my eye. It reminded me of the essence of my soulmate. Pure......."

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