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A State of Bliss - 05/27/2018

It has been quite some time since we've been able to push out one of these and update you all on everything Blissful. So here's a little bit about what we've been up to.

Bliss organization

To start off, we've decided to keep our projects official naming structure as Bliss-ROM for our Android device based ROM, and reserve Bliss OS for what was formerly known as Bliss-x86, or Bliss for PC (and other devices). We are also working on a few other side projects, so you may see a treble based Bliss in the near future. We're working on a couple others that may turn into a chromium OS based Bliss, and a few app projects as well.

Speaking about projects, we've been organizing our ideas a bit and have opened up quite a few for development within the team. But I wasn't happy with stopping there, so we narrowed it down to our top 50 open project ideas and voted to open up a few more to our family members outside of Team Bliss. So we have team leads from Invictrix ROM, Cosmic OS, and quite a few independent developers all offering their time to pitch in and work on a few projects together that will not just benefit themselves, but benefit all android ROMs potentially. If you or your ROM team is interested in this opportunity, look for the “Join Bliss Family of ROMs” links on our website ;)

Bliss Development

Things with Bliss ROM are coming along quite nicely, we've now got our source to the point where we can successfully build for the devices we have on the team, and most are working perfectly. This includes both AOSP & CAF based devices. We've had quite a few team members step up to help in this too, so thanks to everyone submitting commits to Bliss, because you're the ones making it Blissful for everyone ;)

Remember when I mentioned a potential treble based Bliss? Well, this was started because we have a couple core team members who received the Honor View 10 from the Honor Development program. So regardless of what other teams are saying about Honor, we would like to be the ones saying Thank You for doing your best to try and stimulate Android ROM development. If we all work together on this, we can all change how it's done. But aside from that, we also have a couple members with the OnePlus 6, so this will only help in the development of Bliss for Treble devices.

I would also like to give a little rundown on some of the development we're doing on Bliss OS for PCs. We have been getting a little help on the project lately from JackEagle and USARedDragon, so things are picking up nicely. We've gotten quite a few issues solved, including the system process has stopped dialogs on initial boot. We are also up to kernel-4.16.y now for our nightly builds, and should also have changelogs included soon. As development for Bliss OS continues, we are looking to bring on quite a few more developers in order to offer a viable solution to the current corporate Android based offerings out there. And yes, we still have our sights set on releasing full sources for Bliss OS, just as soon as we have enough people on the project to manage the task of sticking to a release schedule.

Does OTA update for x86 BlissOS works? I was unable to use OTA updates. Update app is included in the system.

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Just a shameless preview of what your next Bliss might look like ;)
More info coming soon
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I'm not sure if any of the Bliss Team could help me, but when I create BlissRom v10.0 for my Samsung S7 Edge, but also appears in S7 non edge variant (SM-g930), HWComposer is disabled and not working whereas in a rom such as Lineage it is enabled and working.

Our sources are located at

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Another preview of some Bliss for treble goodness. This time with Substratum service mode added ;)
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Here's a little preview of some GSI goodness for the Honor View 10, and many more of course ;)

Getting our Bliss on!!
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Where is BlissPop v6.2 for OSPREY (moto G 2015)
I am searching for this rom.

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We're making another release of Bliss OS for PC's and this time, we're doing things in two ways. One set with OpenGapps, and one with Fdroid & microG ;)
Read all about it here:
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