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स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं
At independent day
Please eat and distribute sweet
आने वाले कल में हम ऐसा भारतीय राकेट बनाएंगे
जिसकी मोटाई देखकर भारत महाराष्ट्र के दुश्मनों के छेद की चौड़ाई अपने आप बढ़ जाएगी।
जय हिंद
Greatest INDIA

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Bharat – Birth place of the oldest Trading & Ecomonic Law of the World

I was able to link few of the details for this topic while having a conversation few weeks ago - which started by a statement “ Jews control US media;” In the same context Brahmins are portrait as evil in India. I will explain its roots in the Trading & Economic Law from Ancient time and avoid these bigotries through religious books.

Since millennial, #India had trade partnership toward its east & west. On the west-side the trading partners were the #Jews. The evidence come from #archeology discovery in #Mesopotamia, #Iraq, where a 3000 BCE piece of Teak wood was found which was traced as #Indian origin.

Clothes dating back to period around 3000 BCE was found in old #Babylon & the word #Sindhu has been used for light weight cotton. A trade proof, between #Babylon (Jews) & India.

More proofs 😊 – In 1984, Stone anchors, dating 2500-3000 BCE, was found off the #Dwaraka coast. Later the oldest shipping dock of the world was discovered in #Lothal #Gujarat which is at least 4500 – 5000 years old. Later many more docks were discovered – #Dholavira, #Khambhat, #Arikamedu, #Muziris etc.

Lothal was famous for its unique bead-making factories. Its’ beads have been discovered in present day #Iraq, #Afghanistan #Iran, #Egypt, etc. According to archaeologist Dr. S R Rao, Lothal goldsmiths made the most attractive item of costume jewellery in the world.

As the trade guilds in Middle-East & Europe were dominated by the Jews, the only way to break their dominance was to heavily demonize & eliminate them, which started in 250 CE & till today, they are demonized even by the people who have never met a #Jew in their life. FACT.

Like the #Brahmins in India, Jews had a policy of preserving all agreement & policies, hence were shipped to their headquarters in #Fustat in #Cairo, even surviving today.

Emperor #Theodosius & his #crusade in the quest to destroy knowledge, burnt down #LibraryOfAlexandrian but failed to locate #Fustat.

If you go further toward Europe, the trade agreement can be found in the Periplus which dated pre CE - by the roman – again Romans were demonized. Hope you known by whom 😊

There were rule which governed all the trade relationship & it was called #Ayyavole, written by the #Brahmins. Temple become the center of the trading activities – This is one the reason Jews & Hindus refer their religious place as Temple.

One can find reference of Ayyavole in most of the far-east countries like #Thailand, #China, #Malaysia, #Indonasia, etc. The law was framed by the council & was never affected even if the Rulers changed.

With the Jews almost demonized, the Mughals & Arabs started the same trick with in Bharat. Library of #Takkasila & #Nalanda were the 1st to be destroyed.

The British further fueled demonizing of Brahmins for their own interest introduced by the missionaries, which continues till date.

While the trading rule of Jews / Brahmins were neutral to all traders - the Arab & Crusade trading rule was based on hate.

Here is proof from the diaries of #IbnBattuta.
While he was visiting #Birgi, #Turkey – the sultan hosted a dinner party where he realized that Sultan’s Physician was a Jew, he immediately said, How dare you sit with the Quran reading peoples & insulted him several times, later kicked him out. 📕 Sources: Diary of Ibn Battuta translated in English, The travel of Ibn Battutah by Tim Mackintosh

He visited #Delhi too for trade & was invited by #MuhammadBinTughlaq to celebrate Eid, & wrote As we were sitting in the darbar, Hindu daughters of kings & brahmins, were brought in groups in the darbar, made to dance & then distributed among the nobles. I was presented with 3 such girls but I already had 4. So, I distributed some of of these amongst my slaves. 📕Source: The Delhi Sultanat

#Charlemagne (#Karl) in 780-790 BCE, gave 2 options to Jews & #Pagan in Germany i.e. Convert or Die. The Crusade was let loose & score of people were massacred. His advisor Alkuin revolted saying One can force them to baptism, but how to force them to believe? – he never lived. Later Charlemagne was given sainthood. Was repeated several time including #Goa.

Bottom-line - Frauds & Slavery minds cannot survive around intellectual & with Brahmin demonized, the next is to demonise Hindus. A magazine CASTE will be launched in Jan 2019 by Brandeis University, USA.

If you have manged to read till here, then do leave a comment on the blog.

❇️ Did You Know ❇️

Below is the extra from Ayyavole. Check the text in bold.

Famed throughout the world, adorned with many good qualities, truth, purity, good conduct, policy, condescension, and prudence; protectors of the #ViraBananjuDharma [law of the heroic traders], having 32 veloma, 18 cities, 64 yoga-pithas, and asramas at the four points of the compass; born to be wanderers over many countries, the earth as their sack. The serpent race as the cords, the betel pouch as a secret pocket, by land water routes penetrating the regions of the six continents.

Image 1: Periplus of the Erythraean, completed in 1 CE. Observe the number of ports in India.

Image 2: Indian Art round in ruins of the of #Pompeii, which was destroyed by volcanic eruption of #MountVesuvius in 79 CE

#Maritime #MaritimeHistory
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He was the army commander who planned Operation Bluestar.
As army chief he planned Operation Brasstacks which rattled the Pakistan army.
General K Sundarji was brilliant, ambitious and controversial, remembers Rahul Bedi.
Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/

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India is a land of mysteries. Our culture and history includes many facts that one would be amazed of. One such amazing fact lies in the hills near the Tirupati Tirumala Temple in Andhra Pradesh.

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Panna Dai - The Forgotten Mother

Indian History (Hindu) is the only one that has some of the greatest mother’s. Mother like #Jijabai, #MuraMaurya & many more who have helped build pride of our #MotherLand #NationFirst in their children.

One such mother is #PannaDhai. She was not from Royal Family but belonged to the #Gujjar community & a maid to #RaniKarnavati, wife of #MaharanaSangramSingh also known as #RanaSanga.

Year 1521: Rana Sanga’s eldest son #BhojRaj died in a battle & followed by 3 of his other sons.

Year 1522: #UdaiSingh was born to Rani Karnavati & Rana Sanga. #PannaDai was completely entrusted with the upbringing Udai & her elder son #Vikramaditya-II.

17 March 1527: #Babur attacked Mewar. Rana Sanga knew his intention i.e. loot & ransack the temples, kindnap women & girls for his #Harem. Rana Sanga himself with the forces faced Babur at the #BattleOfKhanwa. The battle was fiece & Rana Sanga was injured. The retreating army of Babur ransacked several villages & killed innocent civilians. Few days later Rana Sanga died due to the wounds.

#MaharanaRatanSingh II, succeeded to the throne.

Year 1531: #MaharanaRatanSingh died due to sickness, after whom, 14 year old #Vikramaditya-II succeeded to the throne. He was very arrogant due to which few of the #Brahmin nobles left the city.

Year 1535: Citing Vikramaditya as inefficient ruler, #BahadurShah attacked #Chittorgarh #Chittor. Vikramaditya went with his forces but was defeated & he fled from the battle field. The town was taken over by #BahadurShah innocent were killed on the streets, he demanded all the royal women surrender to him, while his men captured Women & young boys & girls.

Young Vikramaditya & Udai were send to safety under the watchful eye of Panna Dai.

8 March 1535: #Humayun considered Queen Rani Karnavati as his sister but in the bad time against the #Mughal he never supported her.

To avoid #SexSlavery & being sold as a custom of Mughal, Rani Karnavati & several other women inside the fort committed #Jauhar #Sati.

All the Men dressed in saffron & chant of #HarHarMahadev charged but all were beheaded after this incident Bahadur Shah left Chittor.

Year 1536: Once thing normalized in Chittor, Vikramaditya return but still was arrogant, he physically abused an old noble men in the court, which led to placing him under palace arrest. As UdaiSingh was very small the noble collectively decided to place #Banvir, his cousin to the throne until UdaiSingh was capable to rule.

Banvir was illegitimate son of Prithviraj. Prithviraj a younger brother of Maharana Sangram, was exiled over a fight & had died while in exile.
Banvir considered himself the rightful heir to the throne & once in power, took the opportunity to assassinated Vikramaditya. He started to search for Udai Singh.

Panna Dai the savior
It was late in the night when one of the maidservant notified #Panna Dai, what Banvir had done. She had feed her son Chandan & Udai Singh and put them to bed.

Without any second thoughts, she immediately instructed the other maidservants to put sleeping Udai into a large fruit basket & smuggle him out of the fort & she would join them later.

Once Udai was smuggled out, with an unknown source of strength, she lifted her 13 years old sleeping son, placed him on bed of Udai & covered him with a blanket.

Immediately, Banvir dashed into the royal chambers with sword socked with blood & demaded Panna the where about of Udai. She pointed to the bed & watched her own son being brutally murdered.

She had no time to grief & rushed out of the fort. She met the other maidservants took charge of young Udai Singh & instructed all to keep quit about the incident. They escaped into the #Arravallis Mountains.

She was hiding from place to place, until the #BhilTribal gave refuge to her & Udai Singh. He was well looked after & further trained in art of military & warfare. They had to leave due to fear of attack from Banvir.

They found shelter in #Kumbhalgarh, where the local merchant gave shelter & protected Udai. To hide Udai’s identity, everyone was informed that he was nephew of the merchant.

Year 1539: After the death of the merchant, the rumor spread quickly that that Udai maybe alive, as the boy had extraordinary feature for being related to a merchant.

On a secret mission, the nobles of the Chittor arrived in Kumbhalgarh. They silently observed Udai for days & were able to identify Panna Dai. Finally were convinced that the boy was Udai himselve & only Panna Dai can confirm.

The nobles called upon Panna, on known that Udai would be safe, she narrated the whole story.

Without wasting any time, Udai from proclaimed as their 53rd Maharana & his coronation was held at Kumbhalgarh.

Year 1540: Maharana Udai Singh with the Mewar force, joint by several tribes, marched toward Chittor. The two forced met at #BattleOfMavli where Banbir was defeated & killed.

Later the city of #Udaipur was founded by Udai Singh.

I have no words for Panna Dhai, she sacrificed her own son & saw him brutally murdered. In the toughest time, she protected Udai Singh – the future king of Mewar, in the rough hilly region of Arravallis. She lived up to the pride of mother of Udai Singh. #JainHind

❇️ Do You Know ❇️
According to #VedicCulture, there are seven kinds of mothers
1. The real mother
2. The Dai Maa
3. The wife of a teacher or spiritual master
4. The wife of a king
5. The wife of a brahmaṇa
6. The cow
7. The earth

Image: Copyright to the Painter (not known)

#RajputWarriors #Bharath #Hindustan #Itihas #MilitaryHistory #India #War #IndianHistory #HappyWomenDay #WomenDay

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Queen Velu Nachiyar was from Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu. She was born in Ramnad to the royal couple Mannar Sellamuthu Sethupathy and Sakandhimuthal in 1730 AD. She was the only daughter for the couple and did not have brothers or sisters.

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