Takumi was working hard in the kitchens. Trying to come up with some new dish to help his pokemon in battle, the kitchem was riddled with failed recipies and Takumi was down and staring at his last ingridiants, a collection of berries.
Hmm. Wait! Why couldnt I see it before? I just need to use these natrual helps in a salad!
The blond then quicky got to work chopping up his fruit and aranging them so that the Spicy, sweet and sour berries would not dimminish each other's flavour and instead mix together in harmony the end result was a rainbowy collection of Pecha, Cherri, Sitrus, Chesto, Rawrst and Pumkin berries to create a dish that would cure status conditions and give the user back some health. Much like the leftovers item but greatly enhanced.
(New Techish thing, Berry Blend Salad, can Cure status and heal as much as a Sitrus Berry.)
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