Hi Everyone!
I teach in a 6-8 soon to be 5-7 middle school. My school is looking to embed Chrome carts in each of the core classrooms (Eng, SS, Science, and Math) which are also homerooms. My principal is thinking about allowing kids to take the Chromebooks at the beginning of the day from their homeroom to each of their classes throughout the day. That way they could have a Chromebook in a special if they needed one. I am a little hesitant. I would prefer the Chromebooks to stay in each homeroom and have a floating cart be available to the specialists. That way there would be less of a chance of damage and loss. Has anyone had experience with this? Any ideas?

Computer labs-if you are a school with Chromebooks 1:1, have you kept your computer labs with desktops? We are looking for reasons to keep or get rid of them? Any research or articles to help to aid in the decision would be great, too. Thanks in advance.

I have a teacher who would like to do an audio/visual recorded group discussions. The groups will vary in size from 4-8 students. He would like the entire group to be recorded (both audio/visual), and then wants the students to choose different clips based on rubric to turn in. The clip/rubric part I was thinking Flipgrid would be a good tech choice, but need help on what App to do do the recorded discussion. We are an iPad 1:1 school. TIA.

I have a teacher who would like to have their students respond to a question in the video. Flipgrid will not work because they can see the question ahead of time and prepare. Is there any technology out there where a student is prompted with a question and they are asked to create a video as their response without having prep time. (forcing them to record in the app). We are an iPad school. TIA.

Our middle schools just went 1:1 and it’s been fun! I have a meeting with teachers this week to discuss what’s going well and what hasn’t gone well. Do you have any fun ways that you’ve done this with teachers? I’d like to focus on the positive and limit the negative 🙂 I thought about Padlet, but I feel like I over use it during PD so I’m looking for other ideas. Thanks in advance!

Looking for sturdy and reasonably priced Chromebook/iPad carts....thoughts?

Our middle school is starting our 1:1 Chromebook journey with 6th grade next year. Before the students get devices in hand, we will be doing student training around expectations and policies for technology use and device care. I have lots of ideas, but wondered if there was anything that has worked really well (or not) for anyone else. Hopefully something more active and not just listening to me talk! :)

I'm hoping I can pick all of your brains on a couple topics:

1) What subscriptions and/or software purchases does your district use that help you leverage technology to more efficiently monitor/assess students' progress and growth?

2) Did your district define goals and specific outcomes to measure the success of their technology programs? If yes, what kind of measures is your district using? (I'm hesitant about tying our program goals directly to student achievement...)

I'd be grateful for any and all thoughts on these topics. Thanks so much!

We're investigating external displays to replace the outdated televisions in the classroom. Our primary criteria is a solution large enough for viewing multimedia and to guide instruction, interactivity, and device agnostic screen mirroring capabilities. I'm wondering if you've done any product research on this and could make any recommendations. What do you currently use at your schools and do you a dream for replacing them? Thanks so much. Any input is appreciated.

We have a Spectrum Connect18 Storage/Charging cart that's been lightly used and we're looking to resell. It was purchase towards the end of last year, and the capacity no longer makes sense for our school as we increase devices. We bought it from CDWG for $992.62 and are hoping to make some of this money up as we purchase a more appropriate solution for our current set up. Any interest from anyone? Email me at saul.helen1@gmail.com. Thanks!
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