Hi, does anyone by any chance have a Technology Plan for Accreditation that they wouldn't mind sharing? We are in the process of working on reaccreditation for Middle States (NJ) and Technology is one of our focuses. This will include academic learning goals as well as infrastructure and devices. Anything that you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!

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Some great key findings and recommendations, such as...

"Provide teachers with the resources and time to pilot new instructional approaches and gather evidence of how well they work."
"Identify a school staff member (or two) who is comfortable with technology and has curriculum expertise to serve as a just-in-time resource for teachers." - yeah!

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Always a great read.
"Stubbornness promotes ignorance. Stubborn leaders refuse to consider alternatives because an alternative might require change. Why even think about alternatives when your way is the ‘right’ way." +Lyn Hilt +Rich Kiker

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I have had several people ask me about my note-taking style and process so I decided to create an Instagram account to share samples and the process: https://www.instagram.com/notechef4u/ Thought I would share... ;)

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It's summer time are you collaborating? Are you growing as a lifelong learner?

Looking for web-based programs or Chrome apps besides WeVideo to create videos & images using a green screen. Please share. 

Looking for a calendar or scheduler that we can use for signing out computer labs. Google calendar appt slots would be ideal if it can be set up in a way to "shift" the schedule forward a day or two in order to account for snow days automatically. Does anyone use something for similar reasons that they can suggest?

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Promoting positive behavior and focusing on social emotional learning is a goal for many schools. In this latest blog post, I wanted to share how I collaborated with our elementary school psychologist during her lunch-bunch groups to create social stories videos with students using Adobe Spark Video. The post includes printable instructions for how to use Adobe Spark Video.

Foreign Language courses: I have our Spanish and French teachers developing curriculum and have the question about how to 'disable' Google Translate when they assign a Google Doc in [French, Spanish] (or vice versa) and Google automatically asks if you want it to translate. They don't want translate to be an option, at that time, but can't 'turn it off'. What are other World Language teachers doing to resolve this?
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