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Hey, everyone... you may have seen the news that Google+ is being closed down for consumers. From a professional standpoint, I know there are many other community tools out there that can help meet our members' needs. From a personal perspective, I'm kind of crushed. :( Over 5 years and 5,000+ members together... there have been a lot of resources shared and support given in this space, and for that, I am so grateful. This community will continue to stay open... Google announced the process to shut it down will be complete by next August. I'll be surveying this group to see which possibilities for movement to another space would best support your learning. If you have any ideas, feel free to share below. Thanks so much for being here and for helping make this space an important resource for so many.

Update 10/10 - sent out to G Suite Admin today: Hello G Suite Administrator,

We recently announced that we are winding down the consumer version of Google+ over the next 10 months. This change does not impact your usage of Google+ as a G Suite for Education customer. Google continues to invest in new features for Google+ for our G Suite for Education customers, and we’ll share more details on the G Suite blog in the coming days. You can expect the following:

-A fresh, clean look for the education version of Google+ on the web and mobile
-Additional capabilities for admins to be able to review and moderate posts made by employees, if needed
-New admin dashboards to view post analytics and engagement metrics

*This community is owned and managed by a non-Edu account. So I'll continue to be looking into the best way to migrate to a different space. Thanks for all of your feedback thus far!*

I have a teacher who was using Google Sites as a portfolio tool. When her students went to pass in their sites through Classroom the site converted to Docs.
Here's what she sent me:
Suddenly, today, the last day they can work on them, we are having huge technical problems. Its seems like the sites are turning into Google docs. The "docs" don't have any links in them, so we cannot see anything besides the top (Home) page.

This started to happen as they were attaching the assignment in Classroom. That said, some students have been working on the site and the site file has been attached to the assignment the entire time we have been working on it.

Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone?

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I believe creativity is an important part of the learning process. I love having my students share their learning stories. Here are a few "design challenges" to introduce learners to some of my favorite tools for Creative Design and Storytelling. I've also used these challenges to model the tools during PD experiences.

Does anyone have any connections with Zoo Keepers, more specifically Asian Elephant Enclosure specialists (anywhere in the world) that could talk to a group of 3rd graders in Arizona? The students are researching structure, substrate, foraging opportunities, training, stimulation of the five senses, manipuladia, and social groupings of Asian elephants.

I would love any leads you could provide. I'll be posting in other communities as well.

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I had a teacher approach me about using a Woobo toy with her students. She is approaching it from a SEL application viewpoint. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this critter or any recommendations. Their privacy page says they got the "KidSafe" seal (Coppa Certified), but they do recommend that we collect parent permissions.

Data Coordinator Employment Opportunity! Contact me ASAP. Located on the River Edge website.
Requirements :

 Tech savvy individual, proficient in use of Microsoft Word and Excel.
 Experience with NJ SMART
 Knowledge of Genesis student data base software
 Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to multitask
 Elementary School experience preferred

Hello everyone! Do you have any resources for Chemistry. I am especially looking to help a Chem teacher with 1. Chemistry of batteries, Medicinal,
Kinetics (controlling reaction speed). Are there any simulators available to test some use cases? Thank you.

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Learn more about the #ISTE Standards for Educators in this episode of the EdTech Minute. We will share practical tips about the first standard which is Learner. #innovation #education #edtech

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Looking for a FUN activity? Want to practice critical/logical thinking while at the same time clear speaking & collaboration?

Do I have a game for you & your students! Check it out! #TechYouCanDo  
Mystery Animal
Mystery Animal

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If you are an Instructional Coach or EdTech Coach you should definitely take a look at this new workshop at the ICE Conference.
Creating Future Ready Schools Workshop at #ICE19
Future Ready
Future Ready
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