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"I'm back, and I'm better than I last was. Had some personal life problems to sort out, but they're all sorted out now, with new one's already starting, but that shouldn't keep me from getting online and talking to you guys, and girls. :) Got a new SoundCloud Link and a Brand New Profile on a Brand new Music Website, check both link out below to see what I'm talking about. :)"

"The second link directs you to a music website [like i said before] for where it's brand new, and all you need to do to find me is type in my real name [which is David Mawby!] and find my profile with this logo, I used on my SoundCloud Profile! :)"

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Hey ! ^Ο‰^ I'm starting to lean animation for college (I live in the UK) and I am 18 any tips? And I can do voice but I'm shy Heh so maybe a shy timid wolf/ dog in your animations would be ok heh I'm constantly online don't be shy to hit me up. I also can't draw very well but it's good enough for now XD

(Below blaze was done back in 2013) and the other is my art now I mainly use Dasker more for anything) I've done voices before and they went pretty well so Yee that's quite a bit about meh ο»Ώ
Aaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd I'm a *furry*ο»Ώ
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Hi all,
I know I've been less active on his account, and I want to be more active but I want to continue with my SoundCloud :D

I've taken up Voice Acting, so if you need a character voice over, a TV voice over, or any other voice over, comment below.

But I'm only a Trainee, so don't expect Professional Quality Sound!

How is everyone so far? :3
Hope you're enjoying yourself! :)

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Dusky Animations' YouTube Discussion Page

Hey guys. I'll just leave these here for you. ;3

Which one is your favorite? Discuss about my videos!

Hello there :3
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