I occupy a space, that I'm uncomfortable with. Geographical borders that I emotionally want to tear down, intellectual walls I need to climb, colour and racial barriers I dream of breaking. Religions that become sturdier as the architects work harder, and more branches emerge. I huddle inside these walls, these spaces, these places trying to be heard. The cacophony of my various "prisons" drown my shouts, my wails, my tantrums, my pleadings...I am being silenced. Add to this the Demons in my head I want to exorcise, but the meds feed them so their hunger subsides...sometimes Recipe for misunderstanding? Or narcissistic rantings, where are those pills again? EPISODE 1 So I was accused of bringing Godlessness, and disarray to a reputable online space.  I professed agnosticism, or maybe humanism, some said atheism, AND i posted captions about the evidence of harm by religion...gasp! The truth is I know not, I'm journeying. But I don't want to be labeled by a sect. While I sometimes believe in a supreme being (the universe, a She force, something), I have no proof, and right now faith does not cut it for me. Another "sin" ... I supported marriage equality and bashed homophobes (not my verb eh). So I'm harmful I'm pro choice...I am. Evil me I posted on colourism (regularly), but I have my own ghosts about that...to be revealed... HELP!
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