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It is common that we always try to emphasize on racial and ethnic issues in the Global southern countries but racial issues still exist in Global North. This is a great debate conducted by Stream Aljazeera regarding the "Affirmative Action" in the US and how it has affected the Caucasian students. I personally believe minorities should have policies that provide us with more opportunities since socio-economic issues in current day are results of the past racial discrimination. if we really open our eyes and see it is clear that most of the high paid, high positions are still run by privileged "white men" in the US. But this does not mean that policies should not evolve to suit the current situation. check this debate out if you are interested. 

Climate Change in the Arctic: How to Avoid International Maritime Conflict in a Newly Accessible Region

The ice-covered Arctic is melting at a rapid pace, sparking a race for political and economic claims over the region. Since the late 20th century, the five littoral countries of the Arctic – the United States, Russia, Denmark (Greenland), Norway and Canada – have staked out their interests in the resource-rich zone, using the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to claim as much maritime territory as possible. More recently, non-Arctic countries around the world have awoken to the potential benefits of Arctic trading routes and resources as well, widening the potential for conflict in the Arctic region. This work will examine the environmental and maritime security implications of rapid climate change in the Arctic. It will analyze the emerging national interests for both Arctic and non-Arctic states and their current territorial and maritime agreements. The work will conclude by recommending that a regime complex of enforceable international agreements applicable to the Arctic region is the best plan to avoid potential conflict.
Keywords: Arctic Council, United National Convention on the Law of the Sea, climate change, Arctic regime complex

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Since I am writing my finals on Human right violations by Coca-Cola Company, I thought I should update some breaking news about Coca-Cola and its impact in the world. Four days ago coca cola opened their bottling facility in Burma. Now the only countries in the world that you won't be able to find a coke is only North Korea and Cuba. Since Myanmar had made progress on human right violations the U.S have started to loosen up the business restrictions on the country. So that this country will be open to the global market and the companies like Coca Cola can continue to exploit human rights????

This article further discuss how Coca-Cola Marketing company is trying to sell coke to people who have never tried a coke before. Or simply how can they make these people addicted to a product filled with corn syrup and chemicals.. ? 

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Workplace/Gender Security in Soccer.  Robbie Rogers has recently made history as the first openly gay player to play a game in one of the major sports in the United States.  Rogers was playing with Leeds United in the second tier of English football when he wrote a blog post announcing he was gay and stepping away from the game.  It quickly hit the headlines and many people came out in support of Rogers.

The implications of his decision to come out and subsequently come back to playing are great.  Since his announcement, Jason Collins, an NBA player, has come out.  This article details Robbie's situation as he retired from the game and subsequently returned.  One of the people interviewees is Billy Bean (not to be confused with Billy Beane), a former pitcher for the San Diego Padres who retired from the MLB and then came out as gay.  He discusses how the sports industry has evolved and how the support system about Robbie is key.  Reports are that Robbie has been treated well by his teammates and everyone involved with the L.A. Galaxy and the MLS, which is a positive step in the progression of gay and lesbian equality in the sports world.  There are still many questions that remain regarding the future of Robbie's career and the potential outcomes of his announcement on gay and lesbian athletes but through his actions and the reactions of people in his world, we see a positive example of gender/workplace security for gay and lesbian sportspeople.

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A Comparative Analysis of the Gender Equality Progress in China and India

ABSTRACT: The United Nations General Assembly established UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in 2010, which acknowledges the world the significance of gender equality and the empowerment of women. Compared to women from Western countries, women in China and India face more obstacles to fulfilling their human potential, and gender-related issues in both countries have led to various social problems. This study illustrates the political, social and economic causes of gender inequality, and examines the similarities and differences of gender equality progress in both countries through a human security framework. It also reveals different outcomes of specific issues such as government policies, violence against women and women’s movements in each country. The contribution adds to existing knowledge of gender equality through the comparison of two major emerging countries in Asia which remains under-explored. 

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The topic of my final paper revolves around the notion that the inexpressibly high rates of malnutrition among Guatemalan children is caused by political corruption in the state. I will address the institutional, societal, cultural, and economic causes of malnutrition while also providing innovative sustainable human security approaches to combat this important issue.

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Too Fast, Too Furious, and Too Much Demand:  The title of this analysis borrows its name from the failed US Dept. of Justice weapons exchange program with the Mexican cartels.  The topic of the research is to discuss and analyze the effects of several policy issues and a weakened US-Mexican bilateral counter-narcotics campaign.  

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The title of my paper is "When international aid is not enough: How systemic issues in Haiti have blocked the Haitian people's right to water and how the international community has played a role".  The paper looks at the inadequate water system in Haiti and explores the role that different stakeholders: the Haitian government, NGOs, the Inter-American Bank and foreign governments play.  The paper also covers certain events: the 2010 earthquake and the cholera epidemic to examine the role they played in contributing to the narrative of the lack access to clean water in Haiti.  
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