What's your biggest fear about selling? 

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I asked a friend why she didn't respond to my comment on her post and she said she didn't think it was necessary since she had already "LIKED" my comment. But, the only reason I commented was to boost her post and support her. But that promotion ends quickly when you don't comment back.

You are hurting your own promotion when you cut the engagement short.

You see, Facebook decides whether to show your post to more people on the newsfeed base on the engagement. So more comments means more people will see your post.

Check your recent posts and see how many people saw it by looking at the number located below your post.

Your comment is your introduction to the world, and you are viewed by others through your engagement. Show the the world how awesome you are and why they should trust to buy from you.

Look through your posts and see if there are comments you haven't responded to.

How is your weekend so far?  What's are you selling next week?

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Happy Sunday everyone!  What's your biggest challenge in marketing your direct sales or network marketing online?

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I just wanted to post a little about myself. As you saw in my previous post, I am an independent representative for Jewelry in Candles. I sell candles and tarts with jewelry inside of them. The jewelry value can even reach a few thousand dollars!

I run my business as Flickering Beauty, and I offer parties, fundraising (organizational and personal,) and mentoring for those in my downline.

Please check out my website and shop and message or comment with any questions. I've posted some pictures of our limited edition products. If you would like to join my selling team or host a party/fundaiser, we can do that! It doesn't matter where you are, we can do everything online if needed!


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Thank you for joining. I'd like you to consider this as your community. Having said that, I would like to know what you do.


I would love to get to know you:)

So this is a roll call, tell us your passion.

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Mark Your Calendar: Sept. 27 (Friday), 2013 7: 30pm EST

For ladies who love blings, jewelries and accessories. 

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