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Since our other Discord Link expired. It's time to make a new one!

Templex Discord is the place to go for quick support or concerns/problems.
Discord is Free so why not hop on in?

I would Really like to play on the server again I'm sorry for Griefing Please let me play On the server. Sincerely, Koda_907

hello my name jeff

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+DaSharkCraft enderpearl stasis
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Hey look! We are back on 1.11.2! Why is that? I'll tell you why. We dont have the capabilities to run such a large snapshot server without lag. It's just not happening. We have reverted back to using spigot to be better run on our system and might stick with doing this until new updates officially release. We are sorry for what has happened to the beautiful snapshot world, but it was just not doable for us or you guys. We would get lag spikes on the server like crazy. Anyway, back to the main world for now, enjoy more features and less lag!

What does every one think of the new snapshot?

I like the new blocks and did not really notice the wool changes that much. One thing I hope and I will wait and see on is the nether. I wen thew one of my portals that I had built from the nether side to the over-world so it was right ware I wanted it. Using it for for the first time after the update it re spawned up on a cliff face, not fun to get down and rebuild it at the nether fortress level. Speaking of the nether fortress IT also re-spawned, witch is a good and bad thing all the chests were there again with loot, but the blaze spawners were also pumping out blazes at the full rate.
What are your thoughts fellow players?

Slimes - Why is the night so short?

I am set up in a Swamp biome, with a platform and spot to climb that is 40 blocks away from the platform but the night is so short there is no time for them to spawn. Is the the function of a bed used by another player?

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More announcements! Soon we are going to be selling Templex shirts by our wonderful designer HSLegacy. Please leace a vote on if you would buy one!
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I'm not really sure yet. Let me see firs

Guys if this is a prank please cut it out. I really want to play on the server. I have nothing to do without it. D:
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