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Hello and welcome to i has gone savage and I can see my profile pic has the community background that cool shout out to +FREDDY FAZBEAR, FredBear Plush​​for making this community EDIT: if you join this community don't invite your friends only me and +FREDDY FAZBEAR, FredBear Plush​ can do that

Yo +FREDDY FAZBEAR, FredBear Plush​ I have to show you something that my friend made XD

everyone go my follow my savage friend +FREDDY FAZBEAR, FredBear Plush

Good morning savage crew

Sup Savage Ray

+RobloxRayrayMorris Roblox&More​ wanna post something?

Today we have a new member named +it's wolf girl (sorry can't tag name) Welcome to our community
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