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Ok I need ocs for
Post them in the comments for act 1

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Here is the Omega form of Flowey/Killstreak in case we need it

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Here is my 09 and Killstreak oc as Mad Dummy and Flowey, hope it is good +captain cooldude
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Guys I'm having trouble with Eth tale. Could you please create you oc's as the character they represent if you can?. It would help a lot
Your friend

I need ocs for act 1
+Kill streak​ Flowey
+Oka Ruto SFM​ Frisk
+Mew bunny​ Toriel

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Eth tale is officially in production, just need the final few cast members

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Does this look good for my character as Blooky?

Idk I guess I could make pixel art of the characters for eth tale.....if you guys want me too....

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Thanks for accepting me.

Is there any roles open for my OC? She is kind-hearted, caring, stubborn, interactive, and always positive.

Why must turning people's oc's into undertale characters
The ones I'm having the most problems with
+OneShot Wonder​ - papyrus
+Oka Ruto SFM​ - frisk
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