Fort Bragg Train-the-Trainer/skills assessment ongoing AAR discussion. With close to 100 people directly involved and many others anxiously awaiting an official AAR, I wanted to continue the discussions and keep the ideas flowing now that everyone has been able to catch up on sleep and digest some of the lessons learned. Please remember that this is open source so don't write anything here that you wouldn't, or shouldn't, say in public.

Does anyone have training materials or resources (powerpoints, demonstrations, scenarios, etc) for teaching medics field blood transfusion? I need to develop a curriculum and hate to start from scratch. Greatly appreciate any help.

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This is a really bad picture (and out-dated) of how we pack half of our Chinook Medical TMK-ME. You can see the c-collar (blue Velcro strip and white plastic) sticking up above the pouch labeled "Diagnostics"; it lays flat and is easy to pull out. We had some of our own tapes made, as you can see, and this bag does have pull-out Velcro pouches. I think they have done a better job of the Velcro on the newer version of the bag, but we have the older version. I am re-doing our inventory and packing lists currently, so hopefully, I'll have some better pics too... LOL... Please keep in mind the limitations of this bag (short range) and that we are pretty atypical (medical research PFC style!).

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I've tested our new teambag last week: Mystery Ranch Nice ROUS BVS.
- We just changed the small zipcords in another color to make them more visible.
- Comfortable medbag (also with full gear and ballistic plates)
- The clear pouches are a big +
- Large enough for a medic team in forward circumstances

Hello, and thank you for making this an open source project!

I would like to suggest a topic to be discussed, and that is the
"treatment facility" As It may be in a tent or in a building or anything inbetween

Are there any tougths on how to organize, equip and manage the facility itself?



HITMAN and Nutrition. What and when do you recommend?

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After SOMSA 14 this year, we're developing our website to try to figure out the best platform to host discussions, etc.  Check out 

We'll still monitor this Google+ community and hope to integrate this and other social media platforms to get the info out to everyone.

Thanks!  Sean

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Anyone used the SimMon app in their training?

Hi, I am not sure if I am posting to the proper category. I am a graduate clinical physiology research assistant, which, in my school, involves a very non-traditional mix of austere medicine (charity care and community outreach)  and clinical research. Except for our educational suite, we do not have dedicated facilities, which enables us to accommodate patients better but requires us to function in a PFC manner. We have adopted gear, bags, and cases developed for SOF medicine and have been learning what 'best practices' are employed in PFC. We have developed an entire supply scheme based on tiered and specialised kit/module categories, which may be of interest here, as well. My own clinical and research interests are in stress physiology and psychophysiology, wound care, Freeman-Sheldon syndrome and related entities, and history of military medicine. I plan to go to medical school after finishing my present studies.
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