i have a question can i make my own character?

((pokes the community are you dead?))

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Name: Delilah C. Jones (but seriously just call me DC as I am the Capitol :D)
Age: 11
Weapon: Virus

So I won't be extremely useful in combat, but I can become any kind of virus (computer, bacterial)! I can find out any weaknesses, where Kishins are, etc. However, I am working on using my virus to be able to invade bodies so then I can probably defeat Kishins then :D All I need is a Meister that can somehow wield me and guide me because I mess everything up most of the time

Note: I am the most important person except for America ever! People say it's an "ego problem", but I am important no matter how much nobody else believes it! :D

walking around Heta City, looking for a partner or something to do

he looks around

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Name: Greece
Weapon: Cross Staff
Gender: Male
Powers: cat-like, Sleeping gas, and Can transform into a cat.
Description: ((Greece is a Mediterranean country.)) He is known as lover of cats and philosophy. He is often seen with cats due to his country having so many strays, and often has some of the mannerisms of a cat such as sleeping for long periods of time. ((Due to his country being filled with ruins left by his mother, Ancient Greece, he is unable to develop his country much.)) His main rivalry is with Turkey, ((who invaded him.)) He also has good relations with Japan.

"Lily kitty are you here."

Ve~ Grazie for the invite!!!

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GUYS! here is a way to choose...somewhat! XD

*walks around Heta City* 
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