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Online Tuitions at your Home
Tuitions for All Subjects, Languages, All types of Dances, Musics, Instruments, Abacus, YOGA etc... Across the world on a comparative fee..
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Hello friend am new here... just wish to have a cool chat with anyone you people.

Hola amigo soy nuevo aquí ... solo deseo tener una charla fresca con cualquier persona que la gente.

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This is a notice for the following people: Whoever reads this:
To whom this is addressed to, I (Ramenpapi) need your help in a little “project” that myself and a friend are working on. How you can help is up to you. As you may know, there is a server on discord that is for people who needs someone to talk to, whether it is a big problem or a small one. Now the first step is done which is making said server, but the second step is where I need your help at.

I need you to help let people out there know what we are trying to do. How you let people know is completely up to you, whether it be through social media, e-mails, or telling people you see on the streets, the point is that the server isn’t getting the amount of people that it needs. So I need your help to change that.

How the “project” was thought of is that an online friend of mine has been going through some rough things, they feel unwanted, like as though that they don’t do anything right, and felt like that they needed a way out. This appealed to me, because I once felt the same way myself. And as I was helping that person, I thought of a way to help them and many more people who feel the same way all at the same time. Now in theory, this place will be full of people who not only seek someone to talk to, but at the same time help others who seek help. So if someone joins seeking an anonymous person to talk to about problems going on at home, that person finds someone to talk to, and in return that person also help out another person who seeks help. So please, help me help others. Tell people about what we are trying to do.

This is the link to the server:
this link shouldn’t expire, but if it does happen to expire then please e-mail me and ask for a new one, my e-mail is

You may also use said e-mail address in order to contact me, but if I do not reply quickly then it most likely means that I am busy at the moment.

And remember, we are here to help you with any kind of problem; no problem is too big or too small. You will not be judged here at all.

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How to add people on hangout????

Hello everyone! Can you hekp me? I was thinking about running Hangouts On Air on my mobile phone while I'm biking! :-)

The ideia is doing the whole thing from my Android and running it while I'm biking in order to show people the journey and allow people to interact with me talking... I would use a headphone in order to hear and talk to people...

Does this works? I started to try but when I click START HANGOUT ON AIR my google google hanhouts chat app starts, but fails to connect...

Any help?

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a tous mes amis de g+
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