Am on Google+ bt I don know how 2 get on hangouts most ask if am going 2 chat n I yes bt I don know how 2 .pliz help me 

After i used demo (14 days). It's auto charge? 

I'm using demo. I want to cancel the service. How can i do?

With the loss of a functioning Hangout Toolbox, does anyone know how to reverse the image we see on our hangouts?

where am i ?

Hi Hangout Helpers!
Would really appreciate your help? - I record videos with CEOs and have had to cancel recordings as I cannot understand the youtube hangouts.. I set up the event (Private as thats the only way I can see to send invites), and send the invite but my invitees are saying the invite won't let them into the recording. What am I not doing? Many many thanks for any suggestions, best Rachael

Hi all, I am an iPhone user but used to love google hangouts when I was on android. My question, how do I get the most out of the hangouts app for iOS? Thank you 

I could use some advice. I've been doing HOA for over three years and am using a yeti, 920p and voicemeter to play the intro and endtro into the hangout. It worked fairly well until the anniversary update. Now it's flakey and the settings keep getting blown out its been a pain. My question is should I get a USB hardware mixer or switch to Linux or OSX . I have a Mac and have no problem installing Linux. I just want a trouble free or the most trouble free solution I can get without having to constantly be messing with settings to get everything to work. 

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I can't use my #Hangouts. I keep getting this message each time I try to use #Hangouts . My network works fine as I can browse the net and use other VOIP as #Viber and others.
What seems to be wrong

Hello. I am trying to find a consultant or someone that can help me with a HOA. I've tried several times and cannot get one started. The hosts/panel are in one room and the guests are somehow in another HO and we cannot get them combined. I have tried looking for help and found this guy, but I think he is out of business. Is there anyone else out there like him that can help? Thanks!
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