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Tip 1: Failing imports
Upload non-working screenshots here:

Tip 2: Please read the FAQ before asking questions!

Tip 3: Deleting a data point
Go to the export page, click the row you want to get rid of, it should turn red, click it again and confirm. You're done

Tip 4: Beta Testing
You can apply to betatest agent-stats apps and upcoming features at

Tip 4: Changing Email associated with agent-stats
Use the following template:
"I want to make an email change:
Old email: [old email here]
New email: [new email here]"
Send it from either of the two email adresses, we'll email a verification code to the other one of them which you shall reply with in the first conversation.
Well ask you to confirm the change and then perform it.

Tip 5: Blank line after faction change
You can't import anything with 0 ap, however after a faction change to kind of reset the graph you can go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page, in the large text box input
2016-09-05 19:33:00 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 "" 
(one row) you could change "" for a comment of your choice, it must be encapsulated in quote signs, for example "faction change"
Press import.

I hear you like suggestions ...

Actually this is more of a request. But y'know ...

We run an occasional internal competition for our local team, what we do is take 3 stats from our stats, ap, mu and one other (that changes each time) take the stat at the beginning and the end and then rank on the difference and get 3 winners. They win things like Jellybeans, swag, and of course a huge chunk of gear.

We also apply an algorithm to ap so that the playing field is levelled out for lower level players, so it's actually adjusted ap, mu and other stat, which we refer to as c3.

At the moment everyone submits a screenshot and someone (me) then punches it all into a spreadsheet. Not the most arduous task but manual nonetheless. The spreadsheet does everything, including the algorithm.

One of our team also uploads the screenshots into your tool, pulls out your style of stats and presents those to players in a similar format, also bit of manual effort.

What I was looking for was automation via your technologies.

So at a pinch we'd need, for the user:

Submission of stats at competition start, so after a given point in time, no early starts.
Latest submission at end, no late submissions but could allow people to check in multiple times towards the end of the period.

For the competition administrator:

Set a start and end date and include participants.
Analytics and rankings of participants including our algorithm.
Ability to tweak or adjust that algorithm, it's a multiplier of ap for the portion of ap that falls in a level, so the ap scored as l6 has one multiplier and l7 has a different multiplier, etc.
Ability to exclude a player from a stat, one of our guys was baffing on the subcontinent one time so we excluded him from mu for instance.
Rank of ranks of the three categories so as to get our most valuable players and our least.

Would anyone be interested in a side project along those lines? Obviously we'd be able to rustle up some budget for a donation. 

I've recently changed my main email address in Google account and now have problem with login on AgentStats. I can't also register again because my nick name already exists in AgentStats. Can anybody help me? What to do to to login on AS again?

I use the agent stats with a white background. When hovering over the chart, the black text on black background for the Liberator badge is very hard to read. Could the tool tip for chart hovering also have a white background? Thanks!

Can someone point me to the Bay Area Resistance group in Agent Stats?

I changed my iPhone 6 to 7
I can't login to Agent Stats since then
I add my address for ingress and my name
It says this Agent name already exists
What is wrong?

I'm having a problem uploading screenshot from Ingress. It says forbidden whenever I tried to upload.

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Hello! I've found an interesting thing, which seems to be a bug.
A friend of mine, whose agent ID is '0x03BB', failed to use my bot because AS server returned 955 as the agent ID. Obviously 0x03BB === 955 :P
This problem may be caused by PHP's incorrect type conversation. Plz check it out :)

question on the custom date range:
is the Time setting UTC or local time zone?

I ask, since I see my upload times in export as local time, but when I refresh the custom date range for my group, it shows the last refresh in UTC. Seeing the different timestamps is a bit confusing.

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