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Tip 1: Failing imports
Upload non-working screenshots here:

Tip 2: Please read the FAQ before asking questions!

Tip 3: Beta Testing
You can apply to betatest agent-stats apps and upcoming features at

Tip 4: Changing Email associated with agent-stats
Use the following template:
"I want to make an email change:
Old email: [old email here]
New email: [new email here]"
Send it from either of the two email adresses, we'll email a verification code to the other one of them which you shall reply with in the first conversation.
Well ask you to confirm the change and then perform it.

Tip 5: Blank line after faction change
You can't import anything with 0 ap, however after a faction change to kind of reset the graph you can go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page, in the large text box input
2016-09-05 19:33:00 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 "" 
(one row) you could change "" for a comment of your choice, it must be encapsulated in quote signs, for example "faction change"
Press import.

I would like a new agent added to Austin ENL group. Who do I ask to help with that.

I'd like a button/link for showing the stats page in the "standalone" view which appears if I start the Agent Stats app from the app menu. What do you think?

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I'm having an issue with the recursion icon not showing up next to my name in groups, nor at the top of my stats page (where AP is summarized). Anyone else experiencing this? (The multiple onyx badges are correctly representing the number of times I'd hit that benchmark.)

Will you please incorporate lifetime ap into your charts?

Currently I stitch screenshots together to upload my stats, since in 1.x, and presumably [redacted] can’t export stats.

Can we do the same thing with Prime?
Would you like some sample screen shots?

Edit: clarification- using iOS my agent profile is too busy for the scanner to export successfully, so I am forced to stitch screen shots together, and upload the combined image.

Plenty of coding issues right now, I know, but on multiple devices I'm seeing a one-week graph for both the week and month settings. A custom five months (e.g.) shows five months, but a custom one month shows one week.

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Recursion added

The new Recursion function is now being handled by Agent Stats.
As soon as you upload a new screenshot from "Scanner [REDACTED]" or via "Quick Add" with Recursion at least 1 your account will be set to 'recursed'.

In order to complete this, head to the "Preferences" page and set your baseline AP, this is your Lifetime AP minus the Current AP.
This has just to be done once, as thats your AP you had right in the moment of the Recursion. We cannot figure out that value automatically as there is no sharing in Prime.
Non recursed Agents just leave that as 0.

We've also added a badge counter to every badge you completly more than once; this isn't bound the Recursion and available for everyone.
If you went through the recursion you will see the same Phoenix as in Prime.

In groups other agents see your recursion status like if they would open your profile in Prime.
In groups your AP is NOT the lifetime AP and just your current (lower) AP; we might rethink that and use your lifetime AP later.

I hope you like the changes we've done and if you have any feedback don't hesitate to tell us.

Changes to the API:
"recursions" is now returned in every endpoint as other medals
"source" is now returned in /history endpoint to get the source of origin ('ocr', 'import', 'edited', 'quickadd')

UPDATE [11.11.2018]
- groups now feature lifetime AP (web and API (API property "lifetime_ap"))
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Quick add for Prime Agents

As the Prime Rollout was kinda suprising and its still lacking the ability to share your stats we made a quick fix for you.

There is a new link in the menu called 'Quick add'.
It will open you a form with the current date and all values from your last upload, so you can go through it and just update the ones that have been changed.
This will reduce the CSV Formatting on the "Import" page.

Uploads from the old Ingress Client will still work.

Once Ingress has a working 'Sharing' function we will continue work on getting that into Agent Stats.

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The future of this Community

As most of you should have noticed, Google+ will shutdown in August 2019, so we have to think about this community.
We love the direct communication with you all and the user-by-user help is great. A "customer care" system would be the complete wrong way, so this idea has been abandoned.

Facebook is not what we want and we took a look in other directions.

First is Discord, second is Reddit.

What is Discord?
Discord is a text and voice chat plattform. Some of you might know Slack already and it kinda looks like it but with much more elegant features for us.
You have different text channels and can subscribe to notifications and get in direct touch with others.
It would be the fastest communication we ever had in Agent Stats history.
Discord has its own apps for all plattforms or can just be used in a browser and is completly free with no advertising at all.
It has various options for integrations, that we could use to enrich that plattform.

What is Reddit?
Reddit is a system with million of communities. You have a front page with content over all communities about trending or hot topics, but you can also have your own space called "Subreddit", kinda of what this Google+ Community is about.
Everyone with an account create, comment or up-/downvote posts.
Reddit has its own apps or can be just used with a browser and is completly free, but has some advertising.

You are the ones who powers this community, so we want your feedback on this change as it affects all of you and the future of the communication with you.

So, please take your time, participate in this vote.
If you have a different opinion don't hesitate to comment this post.
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