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1. No Pinecest
2. No Fordcest
3. Keep the Roleplays PG to PG-13 at most
4. Swearing is fine but don't go overboard with it
5. No sexual/ erotic roleplaying, if you want to to do that post that in a private post......
6. No godmodding
7. No immortality/ immortals
8. Be respectful towards Mods/ Owners
9. Don't ask to be a Mod/ Owner you have to own that through trust
10. Don't use text talk in character out of character is fine though
11. Kissing/ Cuddling is fine but any kind of RP sex isn't.
12. No shipping wars/ fights (You can ship whatever you want as long as it isn't incest.....)
13. There's no right or wrong way to make your character profile just as long as it's well done it's fine.
14. Violence is alright as long as it isn't too gory/ graphic
15. Be respectful of other users/ roleplayers.
16. Create a character profile before roleplaying
17. It's fine to want to join a roleplay but if it's closed ask to join it.
18. No IRL drama/ Dirty laundry
19. Only use text chat out of character not in character.
Anyone that breaks these rules will get a warning. After three warnings you'll be banned/ removed without question.

you were sitting in a bench looking to the sky when you heard barking, before you could see what was making that sound, a little white dog jumped on you, making you fall to the ground while the puppy was licking your face

It was a nice sunny day the pines family was out minding their own business playing around until A green portal opened from the sky and a girl fell through it

best I could come up with

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this morning, a bus stopped in Gravity Falls, and from there, a girl with a blue shirt same out from it, carring a pot with a yellow flower with face and a bag with a fluffy white pup inside it

"so this is Gravity Falls?" the yellow flower looked to the girl as she noded with a smile

"Come on! let's go and look for a place to put our tent" the girl smiled hugging the flower as it rolled eyes

Dipper was trying to relax after a stressful week of running from monsters and working at the Mystery Shack. He heard a big knock on his door. When he walked downstairs to see who was knocking, he almost slipped but barely stopped himself from slipping. He opened the door and saw no one there, but he did see a invite to a party from Pacifica Northwest. "Why would Pacifica invite me to a party out of all people?" Dipper asked himself. "I mean I know that I helped her once with her mansion and my hatred for her lessened but I'm not sure why she's inviting me to this party." Dipper said. "I don't exactly like her but I don't hate her either." Dipper said awkwardly to himself. Quickly Mabel showed up and looked at Dipper. "Dipper, what are you hiding behind your back?!" Mabel asked as she witnessed Dipper trying to hide the invite. "Oh nothing important or interesting Mabel." Dipper replied. "Dipper I know that you're lying now show me what it is!" Mabel shouted. "Ugh fine..." Dipper gave the invite to Mabel. "Strange why did she invite you?" Mabel asked. "That's what I'm trying to find out Mabel." Dipper said as he went outside and thought about it for a while. Nearby he saw Robbie getting beaten up by some generic looking bullies.

Well this community is dead. I honestly forgot that it existed to be honest.

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"Frisk Dreemurr"

"Frisk" - "Play around"
"Dremmurr" - “Gift of God”

"Lil buddy"



"Red soul shield"





??? - father
??? - mother
Flowey - protective half brother
Toby - dog pet

June 14


"Flower tea, bright colors, cinnamon-butterscotch pie, flowers, drawing, snails, butterflies, rain, snow, warm things"

"Fights, talk about her family, darkness"

"Drawing, catch butterflies, fishing, swimming"


"25 kg"



"Frisk appears to be a silent person, with few things to say. People who met her, emphasize the kindness, sympathy and understanding that she has, showing that she is a mercifull kid who seems very optimistic and innocent, even when she is in danger, she thinks that the person can be good if only tries. Because of this, it's very easy to harm, making Flowey to protect her from anyone."

"Frisk arrives at Gravity Falls with her white puppy Toby and next to Flowey, a yellow flower and protector of Frisk, after her parents, for reasons that only she and Flowey know, disappeared without a trace, leaving them orphans. Strangely, she always keeps her eyes closed, and only opens them with people she really trusts, showing red eyes with a rainbow halo around her pupil that make her unique."

"Frisk is a human child who wears a striped pink/purple and blue shirt, brown shorts with a red heart on it, and brown shoes. They have medium-length straight brown hair, short bangs, and closed eyes"

"She always avoids talking about her family, when someone asks her about her parents she anwers strangely with a "yes" and if you keep insisting, Flowey will interrup the talk taking her out"
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[[Open Rp]]
Casey Cipher sat on the roof of the Mystery Shack, directly above where the S should be. She watches the town of happy people and sighs.
Why can't I be like them?

Hi I'm new. I'm wondering can you make your own gravity falls character or does it have to be someone from the show? Also where's the template for the profiles?

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Name: Casey Cipher

Age: 13

Species {If any, if none say Human}: Demon

Powers {If any}: Mind reading, blue fire

Strengths: She can shoot blue fire from her hands as Bill does when he makes a deal, only hers is much more harmful.

Weaknesses: She tries to be good but her bloodline gets the best of her.

Fears: Ruling the world, not meeting her father's expectation, when her father is mad, afraid dipper will kill her

Likes: Bill sometimes, Mabel Pines, somewhat likes Dipper Pines, Some Ramirez, Robbie Valentino, Wendy Corduroy

Dislikes: Bill sometimes, Lazy Susan, Stanley and Stanford Pines

Allies: Bill sometimes, Dipper Pines, Mabel

Enemies: Bill sometimes, Stanford Pines

Crush {Optional}: Dipper Pines

Bio: Casey was born the daughter of Bill Cipher. Born, summoned? Who knows? All Casey knows is she never knew her mom. She can read minds but not control them, as her father can. She can use blue flames to hurt people but often tries not to.

Casey has blonde hair and is usually found wearing a green coat & black skirt. Her hair is long to her waist.

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