What's up with this community? Don't rich people think anymore?

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How Rich People Think Part 3 of 7 - You CAN'T Multitask 

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How Rich People Think Part 2 of 7 - Your Money Mountains 

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How Rich People Think Part 1 of 7 - The 
Compound (Snowball) Effect 

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Are You An Emotionally Attached Landlord?

Landlords who can't seem to make good business decisions are often emotionally attached #landlords. Put emotions in the proper place to be the best landlord:


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Grilling Etiquette In A Rental Property

Are you a #tenant who has permission to grill at your rental property? Follow these grilling tips to ensure that the neighbors and the landlord stay happy:


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Send Tenants a Firework Notice One Week Before a Holiday

When a firework-friendly holiday is approaching, smart landlords sent all #tenants a reminder about fireworks and the lease agreement:


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What Maintenance Responsibilities Do Landlords Have?

Wondering what maintenance responsibilities landlords have? As one of the most disputed topics between #landlords and tenants, it's important to know:


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Landlord's Guide to Gas Grill Regulations

Choosing to allow #tenants to use a gas grill or not can be a tough decision for a landlord. Here's a guide on how to make the right choice:


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