I have a goal to go running 3 times per week.  This works great most of the time, but if I get sick or injured, the goal no longer makes sense until I get better.

Problem 1: I don't get a week's warning before getting sick or injured.
Problem 2: I don't want to keep a week's extra safety buffer all the time; I like the "run now or you'll derail" pressure, except when I get sick or injured.

The only solution I can figure out is entering fake data points.  That seems an awful lot like cheating, but I suppose if I reword the goal statement to technically allow them and add a comment for each such point, it isn't totally intolerable.  I still don't like it though.

Anyone have another solution?  This seems to apply to any goal where unexpected unavailability of a resource can make progress impossible.

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How is "Max safe days" supposed to work?  I have it set to 7 for https://www.beeminder.com/kenoubi/goals/gt2015 but I currently have 9+ days of buffer there.  Does it only trim once a day or something?
Glucose Tests 2015
Glucose Tests 2015

I've found myself on the Premium page with these thoughts a few times:

"Hmm, the lifetime subscriptions are really appealing, because I could stop worrying about whether some features are worth it and just treat it as given that they're there.  But that's a pretty large amount to pay all at once; I'd want to try those features for at least a year to see if they're really worth it.  But then I'd have to pay for a year (not an insignificant amount itself) and then pay the lifetime amount, so the year's subscription fee is 'wasted'... eh, forget it, too complicated, I won't subscribe."

Seems like some sort of "rent-to-own" pricing could short circuit this thought process.  Would you consider offering that?

Is there a way to make a goal like "Read a book every month" and not having to enter data until the end of the month?
Right now, if you don't want the goal to be derailed you have to enter the percentage of the book read.

Hello, can I use beeminder to help me maintain a goal once I attain it. For instance, I s listening to Tony Robbins and he said that slim people have a mental "line in the sand" I guess like our yellow brick road, that they absolutely do not allow themselves to go over at any cost. How can I set that up?

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My friend +Jaakko Koivula  is doing a self-improvement project, spending the rest of 2014 on "testing out Quantified Self, meditation, productivity tricks and anything that I think up and sounds interesting" and chronicling the results. Let's all follow his blog to help provide a social reward and make sure he sticks to his goal of at least two new blog posts per week.
Hacked Man
Hacked Man

Is there a way to hide archived goals in the Android tablet version?

Any way to create "weekday only"  Do Less goals?  I almost derail every weekend on a "don't visit the snack machine at work" goal because I'm not thinking about logging a "zero trip" data point.  Currently I just pre-log weekends at 0s.

Using Tasker to send finished pomodoros from Pomodroido app to my Bememinder goal is awesome :)

Next goal, use the Beeminder API and my Holiday calendar to automatically change goal rates on weekends and holidays
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