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Only myself, +Silver Rain820​​​​​, +Goldenwolf​​​​​ and +Patricks Queen​​​​​ can post profiles.

These profiles must include:
Name, Age, Breed, Gender, Likes, Dislikes, Able to breed, Health info.

To ask to reserve, just post something in the reservation requests section saying:

I would like to reserve Name The Breed.

Once you have reserved the animal, you can post an adoption form.

How many dogs do I own: (Please include Name and breed: E.g Fido, Boxer. Delete this note.)

Have I ever abused an animal in anyway:

Do I plan to breed this animal:

How many animals do i currently have reserved:

Name, age, gender, breed of the animal i want to adopt (or just a link):

If you would like to give up an animal you already own, or are selling a puppy and can't find it a home, post it in the rehomed section.

Thanks! You can now start posting!

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Name: Ira
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
Age: 2 months
Breed: Golden retriever husky mix
Overall: Ira's an energetic but loving pup. She'll follow her owner around continuously. However she has a biting problem. She'll nip on your ears and fingers, and with growth her teeth are sharp. She was rescued off the streets, and brought to the shelter with no news of her past
Likes: Playing, company, treats, snuggles
Dislikes: Being alone, cats, small animals
Traits: Playful, energetic, jumpy
Lineage: Unknown
Mate: Too young
Pups: None
Owner: SnowHill Adoption Centre
Past Owners: Unknown
Adoption Fee: $60
Behavioral Notes:
Eyes: 10/10
Her vision is perfect, no flaws
Ears: 10/10
Perfect hearing and reactions
Nose: 7/10
Smelling can be a little fuzzy at times and she occasionally gets a running/stuffy nose
Mouth: 9/10
No infections
Coat: 9/10
No clumping
Skin: 10/10
No infections or irritations
Paws: 6/10
A few calluses and irritated patches
Body: 6/10
No over-evident problems, but she does have a few problems
Energy: 8/10
Very energetic, though she sleeps like a rock
Weight: 9/10
Adequate for her age and breed
Overall: 84/100
~Cannot be left alone for more than 45 mins
Dogs?: Yes
Cats?: No
Horses?: No
Small Children?: No
Livestock?: No
Exotics?: No
Domestics?: Some
|Adoption Rules|

[1] Notify me before breeding her I have first "dibs" for any puppies of hers you sell{In the future, of course!

[2] You must return her to me if you plan to sell her If you ever decide to sell her, return her to me instead. You will be given half of your money back

[3] You must be active with her If you don't Rp with her once or twice every week or so, I will have full rights to take her back

[4] No using her on other communities She stays on Wintergreen and is not allowed anywhere else
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Reserving This Pooch :)
Name: Lena (Leh-nuh)
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
Age: 3 yrs
Breed: Collie


Mother: Wren
Father: Haro (Hahr-oh)
Sisters: Elra, Hariette
Brothers: Nallen
Mate: None
Pups: None
Owner: SnowHill Adoption Centre
Past Owners: Flara Collie Breeders, Jeanna Maral

Adoption Fee: $45
Behavioral Notes: Lena is a very sweet dog overall, and requires much attention
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May I reserve Holly?
These pups names are Darla, Holly and Izzie.

3 months old.


Labrador Retriever.

Peacful places.

Loud noises.

Unfortunately, Darla has malnutrition and is looking for an owner to help nurse her back to health.

Darla was found on an abandoned puppy farm with her sisters.. Her mother has stayed with someone else, but Holly, Izzie and Darla are looking for forever homes.

Must be rehomed together.

Darla, Black.
Holly, Brown
Izzie, Blonde
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Name: Blue
Nicknames: None
Gender: XY (Male)
Age: 5 yrs
Breed: Texas Heeler

He was given up by many families because of his massive size and high energy, he is a herding dog and does have a problem with herding things.

Mother: Collie
Father: Heeler
Sisters: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Mate: None
Pups: None
Owner: SnowHill Adoption Centre
Past Owners: Vann Family, Unger Family, Trevino Family.

Adoption Fee: $40
Behavioral Notes: He is a high energied male, and loves to always run and herd things. He needs a home where he can run around a lot.

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Name: Balin
Nicknames: Bal
Gender: XX (Female)
Age: 3 yrs
Breed: Rat Terrier

The runt of the litter, her last owners gave her up because she was the smallest of the bunch. She has known nothing more than a kennel, and passing people.

Mother: Cana
Father: Thor
Sisters: Shela, Flower, Shadow
Brothers: Zeus, Cesar
Mate: None
Pups: None
Owner: SnowHill Adoption Centre
Past Owners: Jackson Family

Adoption Fee: $20
Behavioral Notes: She is a loving female, but does have some minor trust issues due to being in the kennel for so long.
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