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oh well im trying again if you want to be a mod for a new new world community please comment below we (me and +Scarlet Rain) are looking for hard working mods and we will be interviewing you and checking your account so don`t comment if your not ready for hard work.please also be semi descriptive


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Name: Lan yakashima
Gender: Male
Type: human
Age: 17
Likes: being alone and reading
Dislikes: swimming
Weapon: sniper rifle
Crush: none
Family: they died of radiation poisoning
Bio: he is the only one in his family that has survived the nuclear explosion. He dedicates his life to finding his love, The only memory he has of her is a small locket with her picture. Due to being alone for a long time, he has lost some of his sanity.

Anyone here?

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Name: Aliza Masquerade
Gender: Female
Type: Human
Age: 17
Likes: Dark Ally's,Books,Spooky stuff.
Dislikes: Crowded places,Loud People.
Weapon: Sword
Crush: None
Family: Has been killed cause they have turned into zombies

Bio: Aliza has been on her own as days and weeks go on end,She camps in a abandoned Tree house and claimed it her hideout.After The Apocalypse happened she took shelter in a building and stayed there for a few days, While searching in a abandoned Mall she found a mask and now wears it to this day.

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okay so we have made a new community that has a pretty much totally different story (although similar) and it has been doing great. It's stricter but a bit more detailed so I hope you enjoy it if you do or have joined it, here`s the ink and you should join or check it out sometime!

Is new community up?

Anyone want to play with a robot?


A week later and still nothing I suddenly fell sad for this plqce

James huckleberry entry 8: 4 weeks after my last log nothins happend but today a explosion went off and some guys in extreme loot rescued HS 1death to them.... all wardens died....and a prisoner is in minor conditions the people are called "Vigilant " They have accepted us ass recruits me Frank Bill Dragovitch Jamie and me are in our own squad but something is missing I know that something is wrong with this but I don't know what
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