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Hey guys, service line at Ehang U.S. office is 650-533-8554, please feel free to call us for anything about the drone. It would be a great help if you could please send us some photos/videos about your problem to before made a call. For returning your drone for repair/replacement, please ask for a signature of recepient and kindly choose a delivery day during business week. Thank you so much for helping us to improve:D

Ehang changed the warranty policy and doesn't want to honor the old customers 3 hassle free (cost free) replacement. Is it even legal? Can we start a legal action?

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Working on getting cleared on the soldering iron where I work.. then I'll have a solid step-by-step tutorial to replacing the stock batteries with new cells!

In the mean-time, please do your part for this forum, and report any spam posts! I keep seeing them pop up, and they only go away if multiple people report them. We've got a hard enough time with how few in number we are, we don't need any extra trouble fighting spammers!

Battery Update 4/13/18

Hello all,

Just wanted to send an update about the batteries that I've ordered from ALI EXPRESS. The link provided is the correct batteries for the the GhostDrone 2.0. I will be working on the desoldering and re-soldering the new batteries over the weekend. I will put together a step by step instructions for those who are looking to fix their puffed up batteries.

stay tuned

Well, the time has come to open up discussion on flashing the flight control of the drones to use Ardupilot or some other variant... With the demise of the app within the next year or so we should all plan on getting a flight controller working on the drone that is a plugin.

An arudpilot controller has the same processor and layout as the Ehang unit...

I uploaded Ardupilot firmware and the 3.3 and below seem to work.
In my research and testing, I have been able to upload the Arudcopter 3.3 firmware to the controller as it is an STM32 based unit and seems to recognize some of the commands using a terminal connection with ardupilot mission planner so this is possible. Does anyone want to help take on the task of getting all the firmware updated? Also, we should plan on getting a controller integrated some magical way, but it's just a little research.

The arudpilot folks are talking with Ehang...just not sure what about :)

So far I have confirmed:
The GPS/compass unit works,
The Motors ESC Might work but you need the pinouts?

Received my new Ghostdrone 2.0 Vr yesterday, my excitement turned to sheer frustration after a couple hours of attempting to remove the battery to include raw finger tips. Finally pried it out after the lcd power button front face came off. Both sides of the battery bloated or inflated causing the cross rib to hang up inside. Ehang: attempting to contact customer support error message (your account has been temporary blocked, please contact customer support); hello... what????? What I thought to be a great Ebay deal has went wrong, if anyone can give me insight on how to get warranty replacement, please contact me at waltwynn@gmail,com, thanks in advance

Hey all, I got the ghost drone 2.0 for work off and there wasn't a manual in the box... usually I don't need such things and have performed 2 flights successfully without. However, when I go to connect with my iPhone, I see two wifi networks.. the goggles (which gets me flying) and the cam wifi which requires a password... any clue as to how I can locate such a password? Has anyone logged into the camera itself and for what gain?

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Has anyone used a second screen like this to intercept the signal and display?

Also wondering if anyone knows or has done any modifactions to thiers?

Like many of you new users, I purchased a sizable amount of drones from the recent auction. First drone opened has a swollen battery. I have 10 more that I will be going through.

I've reached out to Ehang to see if I can bulk order new battery units for all of them, but I would be very interested to see if anyone has gotten the packs to work with any more reliable lithium Ion packs.
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