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Precious Vikings Central Asia Turkish tribes migration and first migrations First migrations were made in ms.200-250 These migrations

1-far continued to Asia 2-East, 3-Europe or 4-North and South America until ms.600-650

Europe, or migrations to East, West, Middle, North and South Europe, and America to northern and South America

these migrations were made entirely as Turkish tribes. There are two great Turkish tribes that migrated to Europe. Some represent Hungarians
who are h7un lar other Turkish cave vikingler.

The characteristics of these tribes The signs used by the signs The signs with the moon star wolf motif The marks used by the Turkish tribes
and symbols.

The first Turkish traces in Europe are the Huns state of the Hun state, then the Etrüks state that was founded in the south of Europe.
They started from northern Europe and reached to the land of the British mainland, namely the vikings, the germans, the kins, the Turkish tribes
and these tribes are the nations whose nations are the Turks who are scattered over the world with the migration of tribes. Sweden te olaf johansenin bulundunan
guns and weapons belonging to civilians and Vikings are the same as those of individual Turks.
This is the Turkish tribe, and it is by the universists who are researching the world and investigating the migration of these tribes
Confirmed information, universities on Earth and many professors have submitted their observations on this subject
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The neuroscience of dream interpretation and religious fanaticism.

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