hola, me la encontre por que si :D

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If you don't shit your pants watching this. Then you are high on some different shit

I am the 161 member! lol

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Beat this guy that farted on darkestshadow42's post. It's real!

What anime do people watch here? :D

I am guilty for not watching it for a long time, since Naruto really screws it all up with the fillers LOL

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Wow! This community has only been around for 3 days and has now got 50 members! To some people that might not be a big number but its still pretty good! :)
Please make sure to share you favourite anime. weather its music, cartoons, games and other cool franchises! :)
Also don't forget to share this community with your friends and family and most of all, have fun! :) 

thanks for the invite +DarkestShadow42 

Thanks for the invite mate :)
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