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Pack information:
Stride: A pack for fighting and they all are extremely loyal, each wolf is cared for. They are persistent and determined and are built for war, their gaurd isnt down they focus on their surroundings well enough for 10% chance of an unknown invasion..
Alpha: Chaos
1st com.: Open
2nd: Open
Sec.: Open
General: Open

These wolves are wise a tricky. They have always fought with the stride pack but their built is a good structure. They have been around longer than stride and are convincing.
Alpha: Open
1st com.: open
2nd com: open
General: open

Stealth: (better than spy and better trained)
Pup watcher:
undecided wolves will eventually need to chose a side

Um, is this rp dead?

How many profiles can we have

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[Name:] Mystic Owl - Mystic for short

[Age:] 19

[Gender:] Female

[Rank:] Spy

[Pack:] Moonglance

[Personality:] creative, tricky to understand, often sarcastic and Coldhearted, but easy to befriend. Loyal to those who earn it. Doesn't speak to others unless spoken too (close friends excluded) which makes others think of her as mysterious and maybe a bit scary

[Skill:] agility, swiftness and fierce or aggressive if pushed far enough

[Abllity:] Summoning of spirits and demons

[Bio:] lived a happy, rich pup-hood until the first battle between Moonglance and Stride pack. Both my parents were warriors, and both died either in the second or third battle. Since then, I've been determined to be strong, and heard rumors that a certain spirit that would take the physical form of a white owl can grant immense strength and courage. In excitement, I ran into the woods and stopped next to a pond where the owl was said to first appear. At first, when the full moon was beginning to appear behind clouds, the pond bubbled and glowed. A silvery-blue wisp of steam circled around me and up, transforming into a owl. He and I would talk and play around, practice fighting, night after night. One day, he met me in my pack's main camp and offered a contract with him, which would allow me to speak with and see all spirits and demons. The contract would also allow me apprenticeship with any Spirit or demon I could earn trust from. Long story short, I signed in blood and now me and the owl share bodies and thoughts 
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People needed on the stride pack.
I might vreate another character but molnglace has i think 2 more then stride.

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Name: Scartlet


Gender: female

Mate: none

Rank: Rouge

Pack: Stride
Alpha: Chaos

Personality: loyal, brave and strong

Skills: stealthy, Fighter and quick

Ability: Fire

Was a loner a long time until someone took her in and she found the stride pack she joined and became a new self.

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Name: Alpha

Age: 19

Gender: male

Pack: Moonglance
Alpha: ??
Mate: open

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Loyal, fierce, protective and brave

Skill: Fighting and stealthy, pretty wise

Ability: Can control darkness

Abandoned when he was a pup and later found the moonglance pack. He joined for a new life. He loves his alpha and doesnt mind war.

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Name: Cryselius

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pack: moonglance
Alpha: ???

Mate: none

Skills: Fighter and sneaky plus hunter

Ability: Power over storm

Rank: Huntress

Personality: Loyal, quick, steed fast and wise and brave

Born and raised in moonglance pack. Her parents left her but she remained in the pack.

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Name: Chaos

Age/Moons: 20

Mate: None

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha


Pack: Stride pack

Personality: Loyal to those befriended. brave in any situation even when inside of her is feared. fierce to anything or anyone who hurts her pack or in battle. She doesn't have pity on the field. she is protective of pack members and friends. strong is many ways and wise in battle and choices.

Skills: Fighting is exceptional. can blend in well with surroundings and the cultures agility with dodging and attacks and speed is faster than regular . Has a good persuasive skill

Ability: Water control and has a fighting ability...this is a wolf not the one you want to get angry otherwise you get destruction.

Chaos was born and raised a leader. She had the scowl and abilities. Her pack isn't easy going. They are meant for war. Each wolf is cared for and everyone is loyal. Chaos has her own terrible backstory but she is a closed book from everyone. 

Bad side:
name destruction

Destruction has no pity anywhere or to anyone who harmed her family or killed them. Destruction wears full Armour and its eyes glows in the only open space besides its mouth.

scartlet sprints around perimeter of Stride pack territory. She leaps on a wondering elk an she bites into its neck killing it. She drags it to the food cave
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