Dear Igor,
I, Kwon, Yong Soo( Facebook: Kwon Mi Chum), bought the 3rd version of "Twisted Body" Dance Theory of Argentine Tango, May 15, 2014 "
I am ordering your updated 4th version by my Myongji university Library in Seoul, Korea on Aug 13, 2017.
During the end of summer vacation before the beginning of the fall semester, I want to read some articles as follows:

I sent an inquiry mail to your e-mail address on the preface page of your 3rd ed. Thank you for your great effort.

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Let me introduce the "Twist Forms" dance theory with the book "Twist Forms. Dance Theory of Argentine Tango" which establishes fundamental concepts and terms for the formalization of Argentine Tango dance. The proposed concepts can serve as a basis for formalization of other dances and movement activities. Essentially, this book is about human movements, their origins, dance technique in general, approaches to improvisation, choreography, and some other things.

For dancers who are reading it, I must say that this is not an instruction booklet. The concepts introduced are abstract and difficult from the very beginning. The logic of building a workable theory requires that. But the book contains all important concepts and elements with the greatest attention to details. The material was validated through my own dancing, classes, discussions, and private coaching. It works!
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