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Hi guys I am +LITTLEST STORIES​​, I will be role playing on here with this account so yeah :3

I will mainly rp as Leafpool, Just so you guys know its me :3

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8 moons
Gender: Male (you thought I was a girl?)
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Apprentice training to be a Warrior
Bio: I'm clan born and I'm proud of it. My mother is a warrior and my father is too! I can't wait to be a warrior!

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Cinderpelt (is she taken???)
Gender: Female
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Medicine cat
Bio: You all know her story....

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[Herro! ^0^ +lps time worriors  thnxs for the invited!]

Name: "Oh hello! I am Fernpaw"
Age: "I'm 6 moons old!'
Gender: "She cat.. Like it was obvious!'
Clan: "We're the best hunters! Thunderclan!'
Rank: Warrior Apprintice


Fernpaw was born as a rouge but was accepted by Thunderclan because of her ties with a Clan Cat. She hopes to be the best warrior ever!

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new here!!!! But love the community anyway!

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Name: "Erm.. I`m Yarrowpaw."
Age: "Precisely Nine moons."
Clan: "T-Thunderclan.."
Ranking: Medic Apprentice
Interest: "W-What?! I thought medicine cats weren't supposed to have mates!"

Bio: When Yarrow was younger, She was infected by a ratborne illness. At the time, The medicine cat was new to the clan, And couldn't do much. Most cats thought Yarrow was a goner. But, She soon found the remedy, And healed herself, Bringing herself to become the medicine cat apprentice for Thunderclan.

Cinderstep was looking everywhere. He wanted to meet up with the she cat from before, And talk to her, But he figured she was a rouge, And didn't want any part in a clan cat.


Hey! So I got the Permission to make a tribe, So here are the positions.

Healer~ The healer is the head of the clan, And takes on the duties of the medicine cat, And the leader. She/he will watch over the clan with leader duties, And also will heal and help the sick and wounded cats.

Prey-Hunter~ Prey-hunters are the lithe, quick cats of the Tribe who can jump high to catch mountain birds such as eagles or hawks to feed to their tribemates. Prey-hunters are tribe cats whose only duties are to catch prey for the tribe. They are the hunters of the Tribe, using stealth and surprise along with camouflage to catch their food. It is their responsibility to feed the Tribe and catch their prey, especially for the nursing cats, and the young and old. Normally prey-hunters hunt in teams to help catch prey.  Prey-hunters often coat themselves with mud; this disguises them, covers their scent, and protects against the wind. A group of cave-guards accompany them to spot trouble. Prey-hunters are chosen from birth for their lithe and agile build.

May I Make a tribe? If not, Dats okie c:

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Name: "I`m Cinderstep."
Age: "Eh, I`d say I`ve been around for 19 moons."
Gender: "Hmf. Tom."
Clan: "I`m a warrior in Windclan."
Mate: "No Mates, Just yet."
Kits: "No Mate, No Kits."
Interest: "Erm.. Heh.." (Leafpool, +LITTLEST STORIES)

Bio: "No. You don't need to know everything about me."
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