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Hello And welcome to the community!Feel free to RP with others and have Awesome battles!Show off pokemon!Have fun!
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If you were giving the choice of choosing any Pokémon for a custom made mascot costume, who would you choose? Tell us in the comments below, and contact mascotshows at to order it.

Ok how about a Multi battle? Mods only

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Looking for someone to battle? No legendary and No Pseudo legendary

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+Renz Canaman​​​​​
+Glide Crescent the Majestic​​​​​
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I'm looking for a shiny dratini
Can anyone help?

How about this for a battle if anyone is interested? Six of my favorite final evolved starter Pokemon vs your favorite final evolved starters?

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OMG MAGIANA NEW POKEMON (XY&Z?) Story: MAGIANA, a man made POKEMON made over 500 years ago. MAGIANA has a secret, that only volcanion knows...
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