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Hey guys! welcome to Barely Surviving!! pls share and grow this community. Here are a few things i ask in here:
1. what is said and happens here stays here
3. no trash talk
4. no judging
5. nothing inappropriate 
6. be considerate
7. support each other
thats about it. remember this should b a safe zone. we are a family! thanks!!!

I just want to feel loved

Hi, I'm Samuel I'm transgender and this is my story. I've had depression for about two years now, I have never bean really happy I have always avoided mirrors cause I hate my chest. A few days ago I found this video that really helped me realize I have to myself to make me happy I have to be a little selfish well my parents want me to dye my hair back to blonde and not how it is grey, green, and blue all fading should I?

Hey...I'm sage ...And boy...I've got a lot to cover

1. I laugh at my pain literally
2. My favorite song is September's Children by Rise against
3. I'm an emo and so is my gf
4. I've been depressed for seventeen years

Any questions

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...Just a question...
...Would you love...
...A girl\boy with cuts and scars...?

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Please listen to this guy's story +Mickey Jönes

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update for you all

I miss Chloe

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It is Well & Truth In

May these songs be a blessing to you as they have to me.
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