hey guys i know i have been sort of out of the lime light for a while but i am back and if there is anything you would liek to post to this then go ahead. dont forget to ask questions, and tell us of any problems that are going on with you or people around you. thank you 

Well since moving i have found myself more wrapped up in my life and not focusing on this community and i am sure a few of you could say the same. I am not really having the best first year of highschool and finding it very hard a struggling i would share but it would take for ever 
so please think about others and there problems and help them as well as you can 

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That's why bulling will never stop 😐

I am sorry I haven't been able to post anything lately but I AM BACK !!!!! so all I am going to say is stay strong and don't let other peoples opinons change who you are

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Can you think of other common misconceptions about bullying? If so, please come visit the blog and comment.

I want to tell everyone that I will not be here for awhile I am going away so please feel free to post stuff or ask questions

This kid from school is swearing at me like crazy on Instagram. What should I do?

helo everyone i am glad that u r part of this group we will help people with struggles of bullys this week if u seesome getting bullied or picked turn them even if it is not a buf.

please feel free to tell us if something is wrong because we can help.

welcome to fighting bullying 101 help me and others to stop bullys and to prevent to affect of them
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