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Episode 21: Killing Your Darlings

Not everything that starts as the next great thing in games pans out. It's called "killing your darlings" and can range from a specific dice mechanic to the whole damn game. We bring up repressed memories of our darlings and end up resurrecting an old game in the process. 

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Episode 20: Heading In The Right Art Direction

Art direction is one of the many things indie publishers have to juggle to build their games and it ain't as easy as it looks. So the crew (minus Fraser, who had to miss this season due to scheduling fooferahs) shares their experiences and tips for others looking to make their games look awesome, scary, or beautiful.

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Episode 19: A System For Every Occassion

You didn't think we'd let 2017 run out without one more episode, did you? Not when we get into a lively discussion/debate on what makes a universal system. Check out the show notes - we cover a lot of ground in this 19th episode.

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Seeing as 4/5th of the hosts are members of the IGDN, makes sense that we post something about our show on there.

Going over the download numbers for OGP (first time ever doing so) and if they're correct this means we've made huge strides in the size of our audience. But this level of growth is too big to take serious until more data has been crunched. Whatever the case may be, it shows our little show has a reason to keep going. Which is a good time to say that Season 4 starts next month.

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Episode 18: Get That Sucker Out There!

So you've made a game, it looks gorgeous and plays as smooth as silk. Now you've got to get people to buy it so you can make back your investment and (fingers crossed) make a profit. Easier said than done, particularly in the indie RPG market.

That's where we come in. This episode dives into the hurdles of distribution (both online and traditional print markets), pricing, even taxes. Lots of numbers get thrown around and our goal is to give new publishers an idea of the challenges you face so that you can make informed decisions. Check out the show notes for links to recommended distribution channels (including +Joshua Kitz's Composed Dream Games).

Hosted by myself, +Jason Pitre, +Fraser Ronald, +Joshua Kitz, and +Mark Richardson.

Our next recording session is tomorrow night for Season 4 of OGP!

Questions! We want questions. If you have any topic suggestions for us to tackle, launch those queries our way and we'll answer them as best we can.

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Always eager to support and encourage local designers. That and we'd love to have +Alex Roberts come on our show to offer her own take on games, design, dressing up a magical school kids for a weekend.

Alex Roberts’ innovative and scintillating game Tension, already a sleeper hit on the convention circuit, has found a home with Bully Pulpit Games. Roberts, well known as host of the Backstory podcast on the ONE SHOT network, and for her contributions to…

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There's more than one way to randomize a game. Every single one of our games uses dice to determine success, failure, complications, etc. but there are so many other tools out there. As Mark tackles the application of playing cards for his WIP tank combat game, Treads, and with Metatopia looming over the horizon, the gang talks about alternative tools of play in game design for our 17th episode.

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What can five CIS white men do to help provide more diversity and inclusion in our games? As the demand for more than the typical fare grows, publishers and game designers need to be mindful of not only what they're writing but the message their games are sending out to the world. This is not a discussion about "solving the diversity issue" so much as what we five can do to help progress the industry further.
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