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New Character!
Bio:Ruler Over The Death Kingdom...little is known asides this

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~*The Emperor's New Concubine*~


"This is the best for your family, Kaoru," A woman explained to the young, raven-haired girl. "If you win the emperor's favor you can earn enough of a living to support your family and make a name for yourself."

Kaoru remained silent as the town's finest kimono seamstress put the finishing touches on her garment. Silent tears ran down her smooth cheeks as she watched herself in the mirror. This fine article of clothing was not the only one in the wardrobe to be taken with her. She must have the best her family could offer to impress the emperor - even if they couldn't really afford it. It was part of her job, you see, to repay the seamstress once she'd "made a name for herself."

Kaoru almost laughed when her mind ran across those words. Such a peculiar way of saying she'd earn her place in Japanese aristocracy by becoming the emperors' concubine. Or one of the many. The only reason she took this personal humiliation quietly was because her ailing father needed medical attention that she simply could not afford on her own. Her Kamiya kashin- budo tutoring fees were not enough and she had no one she could really ask for help. Somehow by becoming one of the emperor's lovely playthings she could "earn her name" and hopefully he would grant her the medical or monetary assistance she required.

It was all for a price.

But, then, wasn't everything these days?

Kaoru sat with her beloved father holding his weak and all-too-thin hand, probably for the last time. She studied all the lines of his face- some from age, some from his illness, and hoped that her efforts would at least ease him from the latter.

He stirred. "Kaoru," he whispered. "You look lovely. Where are you off to?"

She forced a smile. She couldn't bring herself to tell her father what she was going to do and where she was going to do it. He would try to stop her and she would never disobey her father. So it was best he didn't know. "Just going out for a while, father. Yamato-dono will be looking after you while I'm gone."

"Don't stay away long," he whispered drifting back to sleep as a result of the herbs in his tea. Kaoru silently conceded with a nod, tears springing forth, knowing sadly that her dear father would probably not even notice the amount of time she'd be away due to the effects of his ailment, and at the same time, somewhat thankful that he wouldn't.

She remained by his side until the carriage arrived to take her to her new life.


Kaoru arrived at the palace a beautiful porcelain doll in her delicate and ornate box to be delivered to the emperor. On her long ride to the capital she hadn't really allowed herself to become nervous. It wasn't until she pulled into the grand circular entryway and stepped out of the carriage that her stomach began to turn.

The sight was extraordinary. Vast lawns and lush gardens surrounded the golden jewel that was the palace. The smells of exotic flowers and the gentle sound of running water echoed in every corner of her surroundings. The slightly golden alabaster of the pillars and walls glistened giving the palace an air of altered reality.

"Good day, my lady."

Kaoru snapped out of her haze and settled her eyes on the source of the voice. There, stood a man in a fine silk lined robe and pants of imperial red and deep royal blue trimmed in gold. He wasn't very tall but he had a strong stance, though relaxed in his existence, and was adorned and decorated exhibiting his obvious amount of military successes. His well kept hair was held in a casual, albeit neat, ponytail. Under his steady gaze, she dipped her head low in a display of respect.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Ou-sama," she almost whispered.

He acknowledged her reply by bowing his head in return, before straightening and extending his arm out towards a stone path that wove through the gardens.

"If you will please follow me..."

With a slight nod, Kaoru hesitantly followed the man, who she guessed to be the emperor's shogun, deep into the alleged pleasure gardens, feeling anything but pleased. She tried to keep her countenance about her so she would not immediately upset the emperor. She wrung her small hands under the sleeves of her kimono as they continued on, keeping her gaze downward out of anxiousness.

Soon, they reached a clearing. There was a lovely marble fountain in its midst and the luxuriant vegetation abounded all around.

"If the lady wouldn't mind waiting here for his majesty," He led her to the fountain so she might sit at its base, then after assuring she was properly settled, gave her a reassuring smile, then disappeared from the clearing.

She had a few moments to herself before the emperor would arrive. She tried breathing deeply to calm herself. Just as she was feeling a bit more relaxed, she got the feeling someone was watching her. She turned this way and that trying to find the source of her discomfort, but found none. Until...

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》That's pretty much it. Again, thank you for reading. I look forward to Roleplaying with you! If you have read this far, please comment in addition to your request, this phrase: "Porcelain Doll" 
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Name:Lilly Darque
Part in royal family:princess
Personality:can be cold hearted when ready but is sweet when ready
Power: shapes stiff, fire, earth,can use a sword with the other powers in it

Hair colour:sliver with wo sets of hair in yellow,red and orange
Skin colour:Brownish whitish
Nail color: Black
Eye color:purple
Dress colour:black and white

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Crush:no one yet
Friends:no one yet

Personality: bossy,politeish,loves gore
Likes:tv, video games, technology

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