Hello Everyone! Replenish the Source Community page is a space created a year ago for my friends and I to support each other through this fast of 7 days Raw, 7 days Juicing, and 7 days Raw usually ending around the Spring Equinox. It has been a year since I have been active. I haven't done the fast since then, but I am starting the fast again now. (I started yesterday March 1) This is an intense fast and a lot of things shifted for me when I did it last year. I am excited for the possibilities this year! I amended the fast to suit my needs at the moment and I encourage you to do the same. I am doing 7 days Vegan, 7 days Raw, 7 days Juicing. I knew I had to gradually step down since going straight to raw can be a little intense. 

To anyone seeing this please feel free to join me in the fast. Post recipes, coping mechanisms when cravings hit, interesting article about the mind/gut connection. Whatever you feel! 

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We are thinking about starting this fast again in July to reboot and recharge. Let me know if you're interested!

If you love basil here is a great simple recipe!! (If you try it post a picture!!!)

Basil Spring Rolls

1c. Cabbage
1/2c Purple Cabbage
2 Avocados
2 tbsp. Namashoyu
1 tbsp. Garlic
1 tbsp. Fresh Basil
1/2 Fresh Squeezed Lemon
6 collard green leaves

Cut collard leafs off stems to produce 2 wraps per leaf. Mix all other ingredients in a mixing bowl. Spread mix on collard leaves and roll. Serves 6.

Recipe from "Veggie Delights" by K. Akua Gray

I juiced yesterday!! I made 3 juices.

First: Carrot Apple Ginger

12 Carrots
3 big pieces of ginger

Second: Green Drink

1 bunch dandelion greens
1 bag greens (collard, kale, spinach)
1 English cucumber
1 green apple
handful of ginger

Third: Grapefruit Orange

1 large grapefruit
3 oranges
this one is great for clearing out mucus if you're getting sick

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"According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, your life’s ‘core essence’ – your health –  has its home in your GI tract, where 70-80% of your immune system resides. So it makes very good sense to take care of the home YOU live in NOW…  before it’s too late"

Here is a great article that lists things we can do to improve the health in our digestive tract. It says we should opt for a 70% plant-based diet, avoid processed grains and sugars and include wild caught salmon and grass-fed meat.

Before reading this my goal for after this fast was to eliminate all processed, packaged foods (except canned beans for time sake). Also I would like to eliminate eating out at chain-restaurants. Eliminating packaged foods will be a process. More so of me ridding my self of a lazy spirit that likes to creep in from time to time. :-) I have tried some crackers and they were too salty and left me feeling less than great so I know the less packaged foods the better!

DAY TWENTY-ONE!!!! We made it!!!!!!! Hopefully this fast has opened up some doors of growth and opportunity. I know I am seeing things differently in all areas of my life. FINALLY got the internet working, so I will be uploading the rest of the videos! I will also be going in-depth about the 21 day fast and my journey with food after the fast on my blog www.thebronzevenus.tumblr.com

Thank you ALL who have given me the motivation to get through this. I appreciate you. LET'S EAT!!!!

DAY 18! I am COUNTING down! I made cookies last night for 2 of my students and I have to admit I ate one. I immediately felt it in my body and had pain in my back and on my right side. I am glad to have this reaction to sugar. I know I wont eliminate it completely but I think I am to the point where I can have 1 cookie instead of 12!!! I have began adding cooked foods back to my diet. I like to sample something and see how it feels in my body. I ate rice and didn't really feel anything so I know that's safe to eat. :-) I am working on developing a menu, something that I can stick to. Right now, Im thinking raw for breakfast and dinner and a giant lunch of whatever I want. We'll see how that pans out! 3 days to go... 

I am full and everything I need is within. #Fasting   #Mantra  #ReplenishtheSource

When I started this fast my room was a MESS! I felt like I should clean it to fast in cleanliness, but I was NOT feelin it. I knew the day would come when I would feel like cleaning up and today was that day!!!! I cleaned up my room and bathroom and it feels amazing! With the New Moon and Spring Equinox coming I am using this week to release and rid my self of anything that no longer serves a purpose in ALL areas of my life to be able to bring in this Spring season with a fresh start and outlook on things. Today was a great start to that.

We are back on raw foods this week. I will probably juice tonight. Eat raw tomorrow and Wednesday. Then slowly begin to incorporate cooked foods back in my meals on Thursday. I am excited we are on the COUNTDOWN!!!! #Day16   #ReplenishtheSource   #Fasting   #Cleansing  
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