Hi everyone! Well, it looks like we are all in the same boat here. In desperate need of dental work but unable to afford. I am a 33 year old mother of 3. I do not want to get too detailed about my situation publicly but if someone is able to help point me in the right direction, in which I'd be able to get the Dental work needed- for now, I'm unable to budget or save extra money for my dental needs, I live pay check to paycheck, have a high rent, and with 3 daughter's and school meetings etc it's extremely embarrassing to not feel confident enough to smile. I also can't work in the field I want because I have No confidence to work directly with people. I am so tired of feeling like this.
To hear that there are programs out there that can help people in my situation, is incredible!! I would be ever so grateful to get the opportunity to find a dentist willing to help me.
I hope everyone enjoys their summer!!

Hi My name is Laurie and I have MS I stopped working a few years ago as an RN and I have not been approved yet for disability. I had a bad fall from the MS and smashed my teeth . I have had dentures and they are horrible I wanted implants and was told implants would be the best for me however I cant afford them.

I live in Mass I have tried dental schools and im still waiting I am trying to get back into the work field in a different career but it is hard with my mouth.
Is there anyway to get help gettting implants. I would be so grateful

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Hello I'm a 33 year old father of 2 and I have wore a partial for years. And from it and the dentist that did the other work I'm in dyer need of a full set of dentures. I can not afford it and have set up a go fund me paste with no luck. I have a great job work 40+ a week yet I don't have cause they do not offer it. and can not afford insurance. Looking for some help in Cincinnati Ohio really hope this can happen. It's getting to the point I'm almost on a totally liquid diet. Hope everyone has amazing day 

I am a 34 year old single mother of 3 I need dentures bad I have Medicaid but it doesn't cover dentures I'm currently unemployed and in my profession I need teeth but it's hard to get hired due to my bad teeth I only have about 19 teeth in my mouth and 3 more needs to be pulled Im currently missing one front teeth I'm from Mississippi could someone please help me I have no life cuz I'm embarrassed to go out in public due to my appearance please help

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I would love to find help to be able to get dentures. I have a total of 17 teeth left( though it's closer to 15, considering the teeth that are half or more gone), and am in literally constant pain. I've lost 20 pounds in the last year because I am unable to eat most things. Lukewarm liquid diet for life! Hopefully not. My dental situation is a combination of no insurance since turning 18 ( I'm now 33) and drug abuse. I've now been clean for almost 7 years, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. I am a single mother of two, currently receiving disability for PTSD, agoraphobia,and severe anxiety stemming from a car accident where I was the only survivor. I have reached out to my local dentists and those that accept my government insurance have a waiting list of more than a year. And that's just for them to call you to schedule an appointment. I'm so tired of being in pain. I've thought recently about not going to urgent care for an antibiotic in a week or two when I get my next abcess ( which occur every few weeks or so)... It will eventually enter my bloodstream and pain will no longer be an issue. It's so sad. But I'm at a loss. It was incredibly strange to take that photo because it has been YEARS since I've smiled with my mouth open, and it feels absurdly foreign and weird. I've even lost jobs because of my teeth. I know I'm not bad looking, but my teeth mkae me firmly despise my self, what's more is I'm repulsed. By me. Help. Please. 

My name is april i am writing for my daughter morgan who was born with oral facial digtial syndrome type 9. She had to have all her teeth removed and her insurance wont cover denture. I have really bad teeth that i cannot afford to have fixed and i dont want my child to end up embarassed like i am. She is graduating june 9th and she just want to be able to smile when she recieves her diploma. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. April

Where can I receive dental assistance in Arizona. Medically necessary emergency

All of mine have been pulled

How can I get this free dental I need dentures really bad and I have no money to get them
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