Can i update canon powershot sx530?

Question: I do not have the Firmware Update on my PowerShot SX10.

Firmware Ver. 1.01A
Computer is a Mac
PS.FI2 and DISKBOOT.BIN is on the root directory of my 4GB SD card.
I press Play Mode and not turn on.
Have repeated these steps SEVERAL time.

Any suggestions of what I am missing? Thanks in advance!

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Using PTP client with onion skinning.

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Hi Guys!
Do you know it it's a version of CHDK for Canon SX530 HS?

I've got a scripting question, having spent a number of hours searching I hope it's ok to ask as I've not found the answer yet?

I would like to script to turn the wlan on / off at set times in a script as part of a lone running time-lapse project, this would then upload pictures when my net connection is un-metered (midnight to 6am) and would also stop the eyefi card from losing the network after 2 days I hope... 

So question:

what is the CHDK scripting command to turn wlan on or off on the eyefi card, I've found the options in the CHDK menu so I know the capability is there but can't find any reference to scripting this task?

many thanks in advance,

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My first CHDK Time lapse, Sunrise from my backyard Santee, California 10-14-2015

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I used PTP client to match my pose with the old photo.
From 5.25" floppy disk to micro SD card, from C64 to mini PC.

#floppydisk #microSD #C64 #miniPC #Commodore #intel  

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As usual I used a CHDK intervalometer script on a Canon PowerShot camera.  This time I set the script to take a photo every 60 seconds for about 26 hours during the Blizzard named "Neptune" that hit the Northeast on February 14th and 15th of 2015.

Note to Self:  Still need to play around with settings to achieve auto white balance & auto iris for changing light at sun up and sun down while keeping the focus locked down and fixed.  Haven't figured this out yet on a Canon PowerShot.  Auto mode seems to put everything in auto.  I would like to pick and choose what settings are auto and what settings remain fixed.  Not sure if this is possible with a simple point and shoot camera.  Suggestions welcome!

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Used a CHDK intervalometer script on a Canon PowerShot camera to take a photo every 30 seconds for about 26 hours during the Blizzard named "Juno" that hit the Northeast on January 26th and 27th of 2015.  First reports from my 2-year old daughter were that the blizzard "tastes cold".
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