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Here are the details for the character creation in the roleplay, along with the descriptions for the three kingdoms. Click on the link at the bottom to open the spreadsheet. Alignments are your relations with any of the three kingdoms: the Kingdom of Vivilon, who believe in democracy and equality among all people and are led by their king and senate; the Icelian Empire, who value victory at all costs and obey a warmongering dictator; and the Shoya Dynasty, who believe in honor above all else and dutifully follow their emperor. You can only be loyal to one of the three kingdoms, since they are at war with each other, but you may still travel between each kingdom. You may also live in any kingdom if you aren't loyal to any.

Jobs (up to 2):
Bio (optional):

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Name: Rin
Personality: quiet (ai first), open minded, shy, protactive, and yet a bit secretive, mature
Class: warrior
Job: adveturer
Race: Elf
Age: 14 (soon to be 15)
Weapons: two swords (one is black the other is white)
Amor: silk and leather
Alignments: none
Affilition: none
Bio: She was set off at a very youn age. Rin had her two swords that leaves the balence of good and evil. (So in other words ying and yang.) She is somrtines down to earth on her jurney, but then their were times when it was tricky. For a example, coming across some thefs during her advunture. They thought that Rin was a easy target cause of her age, but don't judge a book by it's cover. They soon figureed out what they had done. One of them were captivated by one of her swords and tried to take it, but when he touched it Rin otimatically turn around jump in the air (to gain more speed and compacity) and kicked him strait at the head. Knocked out cold. "Don't ever touch my sworss or you will regret it! Understand!" After all that the group picked up tje fallen thef and ran away.

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You had just came into town the night before today, spending your evening at my small tavern with friends. You woke up this morning to find that you didn't remember much and that you couldn't find (A very important object of your choice) so you decide to...

((Open Rp))
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Name: Marceline

Personality: Cool, Nice, Scary(at times), Funny, and Caring

Class: Warrior

Jobs (up to 2): Bar

Race: Vampire/Demon

Age: 20 Not actual age she is way older just stays this young looking

Weapon(s): Electric Guitar Ax

Armor: None

Alignment(s): None

Affiliation(s): None

Bio (optional): ????
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I was wondering if there would be a open position to be a Moderator?

are profiles mandatory because I do better with scenario rps where I kind of just make up the character based off what fits best at the time

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Name: Rin Lee
Personality: Super nice but can and will kill you if angered to much (Not very sane, can be cold and harsh/blunt but will change quickly to being nice and kind with words.)
Class: Theif
Jobs: Bartender, Chef
Race: Human
Age: ...16
Weapons: A dagger and a short sword.
Armor: Cloth
Alignments: Chaotic good/Neutrial evil
Affiliation:* Currently resides in Vivilon
*Extra: Never first to hit in a fight, doesn't say much but means every word, lives in a magical tent and steals from other criminals only.
Quotes: "Just because I'm surrounded by people, doesn't mean that I'm not lonely..." "They don't need me, they just like what I give them..." "If you don't like the future that's being built for you, build it yourself."
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I walk into the tavern and sit down at the bar to order all drink (open)

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Name: Pup Kazuko
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Intelligent, Quiet yet well-mannered.
Class: Elementalist
Jobs (up to 2): Alchemist, Adventurer.
Race: Dryad
Age: 1,500 years of age.
Weapon(s): Usually caries a Tome.
Armor: Cloth
Alignment(s): Neutral
Affiliation(s): Currently residing in Shoya Dynasty.
Bio (optional): Practicing under her teacher, she went through harsh training to learn how to be a Elementalist. She never knew her parents as she was left the forest to die. She is thankful for her Teacher who gave her a home. Sadly, the person who taught her magic died of old age a very long time ago. All he left behind was his ancient tome. Since then, she hasn't spoken much in such a long time. Each day she still practices hard to make her deceased Teacher proud, every year, she visits his grave just outside of the forest. Currently, she travels around to find rare items for her potions while slowly making profits from selling her strange yet very effective potions and making tomes for those who wish to make starter potions themselves. [Rough Biography...May change it later.]

Basic look of the character[Does not wear this; Unless if she is at home.]:

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Name: Heiri Shō
Personality: outgoing, shy, quirky
Class: mage, purifier
Jobs (up to 2): adventurer, alchemist
Race: human
Age: "never ask a woman her age.... 19"
Weapon(s): staff, tome
Armor: cloth
Alignment(s): good as gold '3'
Affiliation(s): Vivilon

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