Anybody interested in a one-shot for this Friday afternoon or evening?

I have scenarios that I can run for Fate Core, Strands of Fate, Fate Accelerated or Monster of the Week

I'd forgotten that the new G+ doesn't let me make events within communities! What's the best way for me to schedule a game for this group without that capability?

Hope things are starting to wind down for everyone.

There are a few games up, and there's been discussion of others.  Feel free to start an event or post to get things rolling if there's something you'd really like to play or run.

And if you're up for whatever, this post might be a good spot to say so, and when you are typically available.

Are we actually going to schedule any games here?
Should someone suggest a game and time and let folks know to sign up?

Okay, I'll start things off - +Cheyenne Wall-Grimes, shall we start seeing who's ineterested in Monsterhearts?  YOu mentioned wanting to run this one.  I'd love to give it a shot.  Anyone else?

I am in a little friendly competition on RPG Geek to see who can GM the most new-to-them RPGs in 2015. I'm sitting at 27 with only one new RPG set to GM in the year remainder with my regular groups.

I'd love to get a couple new games run with this group!

Games I'd like to run (all holiday themed):
- Hollowpoint
- Lashings of Ginger Beer
- Retail Magic

I'm free most evenings from the 26th to the end of the year.
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