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Big thanks to +John Mueller for the shout out and for being a listener (and infrequent guest) ... :)

Hey all, after a brief break due to John's move and various long weekends on my part, we're going to be back on Monday. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone could help me with implementing Schema/Structured data?
I am familiar with schema/structured data, the benefits and what the code snippets look like, however i have never implemented it first hand myself. I am planning to implement it via Google Tag Manager.

I was wondering (hoping) anyone here had a good guide to follow which ideally demonstrates implementing schema step by step?

The schema JSON-LD snippets i have attempted to implement are not getting picked up by Google Search Console and also when using the Google Structured Data testing tool it comes up with errors.

Any help would be much appreciated! :)

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Hi guys,

Long-time listener of the show.

One of our clients acquired a site that gets a lot of traffic built on a lot of toxic links. Like 2600.

We are trying to figure out where to start with disavowing while preserving SERPs as much as possible. Should we just take a nuclear approach and disavow any of the fishy links? She would leave it? Some domains have hundred of links pointing to the website.

My gut is to just disavow everything except the higher quality links. I think I just need confirmation that this is the right decision.

Hi guys,

One year ago I adopted the Divi wordpress theme after hearing on your show that it was one of the better wordpress themes. Around the same time, you were recommending the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages as being necessary to have fast page loads for mobile devices.

However I’m now frustrated with the fact that Divi is not compatible with AMP. Can you recommend an excellent WP theme that IS compatible with AMP?

Lee Hefner

I want to improve my JavaScript SEO skills by taking a JavaScript development course, here are some from Udacity - what would you recommend?

Object-Oriented JavaScript
JavaScript Design Patterns
JavaScript Testing
Browser Rendering Optimization
Intro to jQuery

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SEO Humor ... from our pal +John Mueller ..

Read the comment stream !!!

Hey all, sorry for the lack of shows lately, the production team is behind on publishing two shows at this moment. Episode 325 and 326 are completed and should be online soon!

Also, sadly there was a technical issue at WebmasterRadio which made episode #323 impossible to post; it only had my side of the conversation. We're really bummed about it. I've toyed with the idea of redoing it, but I have to run that by +John Carcutt and +Webmaster Radio.FM

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When's the next show due? Didn't know you were allowed to take breaks! Haha
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