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Hey SAUSDMakes Members! I made a collection of the 2016-2017 photos from our training sessions!

It's been a wonderful year of collaborating on MakerEd, Makerspace, and Inquiry-Based Learning projects! Thank you so much for learning and exploring with us!

Thank you +Tamara Davis for being such an inspiration throughout the year as our SAUSD Maker Librarian!

Have a wonderful summer!

#makered #make #maker #makerspace #makerspaces

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Super practical 3D printing for people's passions! Yes, I meant to do the alliteration! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks +MatterHackers!
Thanks +Mara Hitner


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Digital Storytelling.
First graders worked in groups of four to make a community and choose pathways for their Ozobots to follow. I facilitated conversation and students chose which color codes they needed to make their Ozobot make the right move at an intersection, pause at a location, or do a little trick. Tonight at Open House, students checked out an Ozobot and shared the digital stories with their families! (You can hear if you listen closely!)
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March 2017 SAUSDMakes Meeting:
DIY MIndset - Activities and Spaces that encourage inquiry-based learning!

Check out our Google Slides!

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