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GM Homeless Night Shelter
from our social affairs guy, Jonathan Thomason
The GMHNS (...Night Shelter) exists to feed and give a warm night to the homeless in Salford and Manchester. You have to be registered as a helper, and clients are cherry picked by the Humphrey Booth, homeless centre.
We actually have too many helpers – many are not Church goers – they just want to help life in Manchester/Salford.
You arrive at 6pm, to eat at 7pm: and the food is done by retired hotel chefs, so it is excellent. Roast potatoes, veg and Risotto was on last night (OK – not quite, but a chilli enhanced stew – who's name eludes me).
It really is 4 star. We watched a DVD, played Pool (in my case badly) and Scrabble – to kill. So I did not risk it.
Last year they were all Pollacks and Latvians. This year from Spain. Manchester es mucho mejor que Bermingham. 'Salford' contribuí. (Manchester is so much better than Birmingham. 'Salford' I chipped in.)
These people are only temporarily homeless, they are after flats and job. I was talking to a Spanish chef, who was over here to see his kids.
To get a chef job you have to be trained – which he was. And you needs to be clean and in a flat. His ex-wife is not an option. The GMHNS will get him clean, and link him up with a flat.
There is an outfit near Piccadilly that will link him up with the work UK people won't do: but need doing. So he will see his kids for Christmas.
Andy Burnham oversees a lot of council money for the homeless, that presumably funds the GMHNS. It is the sort of initiative that Birmingham should follow.
Me? I am standing for a vacant council seat in Langworthy – trying to make a difference. I want to get the medics to use High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer, heart disease and diabetes – see my other posts.
If you are in Langworthy vote for me. As I do not need to hold down a university job, like the Labour candidate. I can devote my life all week to improving life in Salford: not just for the homeless.
The GMHN is being run in conjunction with the Salford Churches. Looking after the neardy and poor was what Jesus did.
If you want to see what Britain would be like under Jeremy Corbyn, visit Spain or Venezuela: Economic melt-down.
All those students Jeremy got into politics, and never going to vote for him as workers: when they would pay for his socialist madness.
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