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Those Gentle Reminders!
This is a sweet story from Debbie... I have to admit I have been slacking on giving away my dollar a day.  Started thinking... "This is silly. How is $1.00 a day really going to make a difference?"  Then recently while on a casino weekend getaway, I walked ...

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Unexpected Surprises
A friend sent me this note
a while back - I have had such fun this past week dropping dollars in parking lots and
stores, leaving 4 quarters in the pop machine at work, etc. In two different
incidents people didn't see me drop the dollar but asked me if I h...

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More Than Enough
With Give Away A Dollar A Day, I've begun to notice a real shift.  I've experienced the feeling that I had more than enough in the very moment that I was giving away.  More than enough because I was able to give to and prosper someone else… So, the next tim...
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