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#Experimentation on Unaware #human guinea pigs in the name of Research? Stop monstrous #exploitation of vulnerable #Cancer patients

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Books on Cancer: the ones written for the industry’s profit is one thing; the ones written for the patients’ benefit is another.

Thousands of books have so far been published on cancer support or relief. No doubt that they may contain some handy pieces of practical information. Nonetheless, most of them subtly #advocate (for) some ways of treatment associated with skyrocketing #costs. Fewer books dare openly #advertise for #expensive medications or similarly costly equipment, such as surgical #robots, #genetic cutting-edge technology and disposable endoscopic staplers.

The many #stakeholders involved in #cancer #care (from individual #practitioners to #industry giants) do have so overwhelmingly much to #gain, that they’re eager to cut a share for indirect #advertising or #commercials for their own #profit. Hence, rumour has it that the industry might well pay for books’ marketing and adverising, if these books #promote their own #goods (or #services hired); #commissions, #backhanders, #bonuses and under-the-table monies are not unheard of and they may tempt large publishing houses, the media, large private hospitals or, even, some of the very #Associations meant to support and provide for cancer patients. So, books for the industry’s own profit enjoy all sorts of bells and whistles: “book presentation” events in luxurious premises, with complimentary champaign for all attendees and famous speakers, professional promoting campaigns etc.

Few books have been written for the patients’ own #benefit or for improving the imperfect #health care. They stress out what needs be done for a more #human aspect of #caregiving with #compassion and with adherence to “the patient’s primacy above all else” principle.

Each and every single patient’s primacy is undoubtedly and unquestionably above even the interests of “Research” or of Society as a whole, as stipulated by medical ethics and the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. In this 21st century the #exploitation of human beings ought to stop once and for all. No more #experimentation on #unaware human guinea pigs, no more non-disclosure, no more patients’ #unawareness (of the curative or palliative or experimental nature of their own treatment, or of their diagnosis, prognosis and the like).

Books for the patients’ benefit hardly get to be widely #known, for there isn’t a generous patron behind them to help with promoting. The only hope for the ideas and the concepts expressed in these #books to spread comes out from the people, from the patients themselves as well as their families, true friends and philanthropists.

Please, take a step and speak out #loud and #clear about any book that stimulated you to wish for a better, streamlined and #humane #healthcare. Think. Read. Contemplate. Search.

After 34 years of medical experience as being clinically involved in patients’ care, my own book, too, is humbly submitted to readers all over the world: Please, read it and see for yourself!

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Reviews for “The Right To The Truth” book on  iBooks Store

Seven 5-star ratings and 7 #reviews so far on  #iBooks Store in #USA, UK & Greece for “The Right To The Truth” #book

Thank you so much

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Two winners will be drawn to get my last #book for #free on  iBooks Store in #USA :

❝The Right To The Truth❞


“ For families & friends of patients with #cancer

The draw will take place on Sunday, Feb. 04, 2018 at 22:00 hrs PST (UTC/GMT -08:00)

#iBooks #iBooksStore #ebook #lottery #forfree #whistleblowing

How to join the #draw :

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For families & friends of patients with cancer

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