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Teraz vysiel clanok v BSD Mag o MaheshaOpenBSD: Now an article entitled MaheshaOpenBSD -- OpenBSD In A Serpent World - was published in the BSD Mag:

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alright bye everyone.
i'm i think either FreeBSD or OS X

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Hi dear OpenBSDers!  +Mahesha BSD foundation released an OpenBSD flavour of MaheshaBSD server. MaheshaOpenBSD Live-USB is a HTTP-server, preconfigured and secure, running as live-usb-stick. If you like this project, activities please 1up and share and SUPPORT these efforts. Thanks!

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MaheshaBSD Project is focused on womanhood, especially the Tantric:)
one. The Project's goal is education, simplicity, BSD advocacy, and a
focus on poorer countries. Its logo is Manasa - the Hindu Tantric
Serpent Goddess. As a social Project, it has four flavors: MaheshaBSD
(FreeBSD), MaheshaBSD Server (FreeBSD), MaheshaNetBSD (NetBSD), and
MaheshaDragonFlyBSD (DragonFlyBSD).
MaheshaBSD Server is a simple and smart FTP/WWW server with WordPress
- everybody is welcome to start his/her own website from home and share
millions of files that you cannot upload into your website provider's
account due to usual space limitations. Just *put a link to your home
server on Facebook and easily share millions of files with your friend.*
Enjoy and donate!

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Unix-based MaheshaBSD provides an easy to use Wordpress-server on USB-key securely deployed, easily to administrate and very fast. Its capable of work under heavy workloads based on the FreeBSD technology and world-class security.
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